Win a Contour HD Helmet Camera from VholdR!

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      Starting today we’ll be awarding points to members for linking MTB trail videos on to singletracks trail pages. We’ve set up a contest page showing the current standings where you can also read the rules and find out more.

      If you’re not familiar with, it’s a video site with thousands of action sports videos are seamlessly posted by VholdR camera owners. The site is super slick and includes location data, comment features, and cool community stuff. Even if you don’t own a Contour HD (yet) you can still join and watch sweet vids.

      Questions? Post ‘em here. Let the search for VholdR trail videos begin!

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      Cool Trek7K. How did you know I wanted one? Unfortunately I’d have to win the contest to enter the contest.. 😆 I’ll have to study on that one a bit. I went on their site the other day. That is some cool stuff they have there – high on my wish list.

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      I’d have to win the contest to enter the contest

      Not so 😃

      ANYONE can link to trail videos – they don’t necessarily need to be your own. Dig through to find trail videos, then send us a link on the appropriate trail page and you’ll get credit!

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      I PM’ed you..seems a little weird how the results are stacking up…

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      maddslacker, videos are linked in the order they are received and we still have 156 more videos to go through. Today we are approving videos submitted on August 10. Rest assured, first linker is the first (and only) member to receive credit.

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      It seems the VholdR cameras are really popular with the dirt-bike crowd!

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