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      Olympic dream ends for new mom

      Trek World Racing’s Willow Rockwell née Koerber announced that despite her best efforts to return to the sport of mountain biking after taking time out to have her daughter, the reality of the situation is nothing like she had imagined. In this past week, Rockwell decided definitively that it’s time to stop racing for good and focus on her new family.

      Recent experiences at the opening round of the World Cup in South Africa and in training back home have acted as wake-up calls for Rockwell, who found herself needing to be honest about being able to push herself so hard whilst also being the mother of a new-born baby. Her daughter Raven was born on December 31.

      The 34-year-old had an illustrious career in the sport which included two bronze medals at the cross country world championships, as well as numerous continental and national titles, and was ranked as high as number two in the world on the UCI rankings in 2011. She served as an ambassador for Trek and Gary Fisher bicycles after joining the Subaru-Gary Fisher team (later the Subaru-Trek team) in 2005 and then switching to Trek World Racing at the beginning of last year.

      Rockwell released a statement which in part said, "After much soul searching, and many tears, I have decided to end my mountain bike racing career. I committed to racing for 2012 before having my child. There was no way I could have predicted the changes that have occurred within me. Thank you for your support during this time of intense decision and transformation."

      "I especially thank my Team Manager Martin Whiteley and my team, Trek World Racing, for understanding that sometimes life has other plans. Enjoy every moment on the bicycle, for every moment adds up to create your life!"

      Read more here: http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/willow- … ike-racing


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      She traded the eye of the tiger for a 56 pack of Huggies diapers.

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      I wonder if it was a physical thing or an emotional thing that made her stop? The article didn’t exactly clarify that. I’m guessing emotional but who knows. I do know, however, that she is one hot milf.

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      If I recall correctly, didn’t she suffer a near-mental breakdown a few years ago? I’m not saying there’s a correlation, but ANY type of racing is tough sport, and being a mom has got to be a lot more tiring than any of us beer-swilling sausage swingers can imagine. 😀

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