Will you be able to afford your summer MTB road trip?

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      As USA TODAY’s Gary Strauss reported Friday, the national average is up in recent weeks and more drivers than ever before could soon be paying $5 a gallon. Strauss reported that both coasts are seeking soaring price tags – an average of $4.20-per-gallon in California and $3.91 in New York.

      In fact, analysts warn the upcoming season for gas prices could be record-breaking, the News reports.

      Article here: http://content.usatoday.com/communities … 1YTAsyn6y0

      Summer time is road trip time for mountain bikers across the nation (and the world). But with gas prices expected to hit $5.00 per gallon in many parts of the nation before summer even gets here, will you be able to afford your summer MTB road trip this summer?

      I’d like to hear your thoughts on the issue below.

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      i refuse to let the oil companys dictate my life. its mtb road trip or die for me. 😃

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      i use my road bike to commute to work april through september. saved gas is then used to get to the trails on weekends.

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      Maybe. I will have no local trails when I move this summer. This is something I plan on talking with the county about fixing. They have cross-country ski trails that I can hopefully convert to mtb trails. And if that fails, maybe they’ll let me clean them up to make them official-unofficial trails.

      I do have a few trips plans, but that will depend entirely on gas prices and if the house sells.

      +1 to brads
      I love the idea!

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      My riding buddies and I go on 2-3 regional bike/camping trips per year, and I don’t foresee gas prices getting in the way of that.

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      A 3 mile mtb ride through the woods to work saves lots of gas money.

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      I’m lucky 😃 enough to travel with my bike constantly. I’ll be doing the same riding no mater the fuel prices.

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      "oneeyeredeye" wrote

      i refuse to let the oil companys dictate my life.

      the oil company will be thrilled to hear that 😀

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      I can afford a surge in gas prices, but that doesn’t mean I like it. That’s why I’ve settled someplace where I’ve got excellent singletrack access right from the house.

      Having said that, I’ll be sure to get in a couple big weekends and a week long trip this summer come hell or high prices.

      Another +1 for Brads–I need to start doing that–just have to work out the logistics of changing in and out of a suit for work–the trip home would be about 4 miles mostly uphill.

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      I’ve been doing what brads is doing too (well, for the most part) but riding the couple of miles in to school might make up for some of the miles driving out to my local trails, but it definitely WON’T make up for a cross-country road trip.

      What we need is a singletrack trail across the country so you can just hop on and start pedaling….

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      That’s a good question. I recently sold my dirtbike and purchased a MTB as a less expensive form of trail riding. Generally speaking, what I have invested overall in the MTB vs motorized dirtbike is a mere fraction, yet gas prices for a ‘road trip’ are significant.

      I may still try to do a trip to Moab (1300 mile round trip) this spring or fall, if gas prices don’t hit $5.00/ gallon. In the meantime, I’ll try to ride as much local stuff as possible here in AZ, until the temps start reaching self-clean oven digits.

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      Man,I did it a few years ago when gas was way up.Not to mention the drive from Denver to the western slope(Fruita,GJ,Moab etc…)is litterally through the Rocky Mountain passes which really eat up gas to boot.I didnt go last year so yes I’m right on target to do it again with the gas prices predicted to hit all time high……..Again 😐

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      Bikepacking is a solution. Like @mtbgreg1 said all we need is a singletrack from coast to coast. Yep, would be nice 😀
      Anyway, I’m not going to cancel my trip to Florida. Just sad to realize it’ll be more expensive 😢

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      If I run out of gas, I’ll just unload the bike and start peddling…lol

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      Part of the problem is that since we, as in the US, have this huge national debt (15 trillion) the dollar is slowly becoming less and less valuable. Blaming it on oil companies is just an easy way to point the blame on. As for me I ride close to home, seldom to long drives to ride.

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      I’m heading 5 hours north and east into North Carolina for a quick two day trip on Monday. While gas isn’t cheap, I’m riding with 2 other guys so it makes it much more affordable. It’s not always easy to get people together for a trip, though.

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      I’ll do at least two trips this season: a Grand Jct./Fruita trip, and a repeat of the Crested Butte/Monarch Crest trip from last summer. The first will be a decent-sized group trip to spread out the expenses. My buddy and I will try to keep expenses down on the second by camping and bringing our own meals/beverages.

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      Heading to Ray’s on Monday or Tuesday. It’s a five-hour drive and I had planned on spending the night. Funds a bit tight so I’ll be driving out, riding, and turning around. Hopefully I’ll get at least 5 hours of riding in, but it’ll make for one long day.

      It’ll be my only riding over spring break this year, such a bummer 😢

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