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      The Greensboro Fat Tire Society completed the last bridge work to fully complete the newly constructed Wild Turkey mtb trail. Only thing left to do is the signage which is coming with help from the city.

      The trail is 4.5 miles each way, connecting the Lake Brandt marina to the Bur-mil trail system! This allows riders to ride Big Loop, Little Loop, Owls Roost, and connect to Reedy Fork by using Wild Turkey.

      WT is hand groomed, flowy, fun and fast. A few bridge crossings, 3 log skinny’s, some log pyramids and one big rock drop or jump depending on your skill set.

      Get out and ride it!

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      Sounds Cool. Are there maps for these and other trails in the Greensboro / Winston Salem area?

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      yes, somewhere here on Singletracks they have a new map with all the trails. You can calso go to http://www.biketriad.com

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      Thanks – Will check them out sometime. I’m in High Point for business pretty regular. Are any of these trails close to the airport area?

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      if you are on the north side of HP, then the Bur-mil area trails are about 25-35 minutes away.

      Go up Hwy 68 north, take the airport exit, onto Bryan Blvd. Take the New Garden Rd. exit, turn left, follow to Battleground Avenue, go left, follow about 2 miles and Bur-mil Park will be on your right.

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      I printed out some maps and looks pretty easy to find Bur Mil Park. Does the Turkey Trail hook into Owls Roost? One map shows it ending at a railroad by Lake Brandt.

      Couple of other questions while I’m pestering you.

      Are there fees or permits required?

      Do these trails hold up in wet weather?

      Thanks again 😀 – CCR

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      No worries, thats what this forum is for.

      Good question on locating Wild Turkey because it does not yet have permanent signs.

      To give you bearing points, Owls Roost is on the northwest side of the lake, Wild Turkey is on the opposite side of the lake. If riding Owls Roost and exiting either trailheads on the greenway, you would turn left on the greenway, south.

      You’ll go maybe a half mile and then you will cross a bridge over the lake. The trailhead will be about 50 yards ahead on your left. WT entrance shares the Nat Greene hiking trail entrance, so that’s what your looking for. Drop in on Nat Greene, then bank immediately to the right to take WT. I’ve got some temporary laminated signs stapled to a tree.

      2 other directional notes.
      You will have 2 stream crossings, one with a small bridge and one with a longer boardwalk. At these locations, the hiking trail and biking trail come together. Keep right at both stream crossings.

      After crossing the 2nd, longer bridge/stream, when you come off the bridge and go straight, there is an old neighborhood trail that some make the mistake of taking. If you stay straight and go up the hill off the bridge, you’re going the right way. If you go right on the neighborhood trail, it will dead end on the gas pipeline open field.

      As for handling rain, since WT is new, it does take longer to dry and the last mile near the Lake Brandt marina can get really sloppy. That section was done with a Ditch Witch. I recommend avoiding WT if we had had measurable rain fall in the past 3 days. Most of the other trails drain pretty quick.

      Oh, and there are no fees.

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      Got my first taste of your Greensboro trails yesterday. I had hoped to finish my work project by 3 PM, but as luck would have it it was 4:45. I forgot to print out your directions, so relying on memory I encountered a few wrong turns and 15 extra minutes and then I rolled into Bur Mil Park. Did the Short Loop and the Long Loop probably 1.5 times. Also rode out Owls Roost along Lake Brandt for a mile or so before lack of daylight forced me to retreat. Definitely want to ride that all the way out. Will have to come back and do that and Wild Turkey one day, maybe this winter. My girlfriend would definitely like the paved Greenway.

      Good riding – thanks 😃

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      I’m hoping to hit Wild Turkey this weekend and check out the new Bridge..

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      "DrainRail" wrote

      I’m hoping to hit Wild Turkey this weekend and check out the new Bridge..

      I hear you loud and clear!

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      Got my first ride on Wild Turkey today. Outstanding trail. Had a blast.

      Followed it up with Owl’s Roost which was also a great ride. Greensboro has some nice trails – look forward to a return trip soon.

      Hats off to whoever maintains these trails.

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      I am assuming the Greensboro area trails are mostly on city land with no hunting allowed, but you know what they say about assuming. Are the Greensboro area trails safe in deer season? I may try to get down there one day next week if the weather looks OK.

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      No hunting is allowed on the land that the trails are located on…

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      Had some Wild Turkey for lunch today. ReserveRockhopper, you all did a great job with that trail. Flowy and fun is how I would describe it. Also did Owls Roost both ways – fun, but a different "bird" than Wild Turkey. Thank you and others for the info – I found the Wild Turkey trailhead with no problem thanks to your directions.

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      Wild Turkey for lunch is always the way to go! You going to join us for the Burn the Turkey group ride on Saturday at noon??

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      "Reserverockhopper" wrote

      Wild Turkey for lunch is always the way to go! You going to join us for the Burn the Turkey group ride on Saturday at noon??

      Probably can’t make that one. Another bunch of turkeys (My Hokies) are playing in state WaHoo rivals Saturday. Maybe hook up another day. Its a pretty good haul for me since I live 40 miles northwest of Roanoke. Ever get up my way let me know. I ride Carvins Cove and Douthat area trails pretty regular.

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      not been there. I do go to Danville and ride Anglers Ridge regularly.

      Can you send me a link?

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      "Reserverockhopper" wrote

      not been there. I do go to Danville and ride Anglers Ridge regularly.

      Can you send me a link?

      Carvins Cove is about 15 minutes west of Roanoke. Exit 129 ( I think) on I-81 to Rt 311. Stop at Just the Right Gear bike shop for parking pass and any other info you need. The pass is 2 or $3. They are closed Sunday and the city has never really addressed that. I tell people to put a note in the windshield saying that. The parking lot is on Carvins Cove Road to right off of Rt 311.

      Can’t seem to find a really good up to date link on the map, so I will give you nMans. Its a couple of years old and is miising 4-Gorges trail.


      About 25 miles of trail there, some pretty easy stuff by the resevoir. Songbird and Schoolhouse are similar to Wild Turkey but shorter. The stuff off of Brushy Mountain road is true mountain type stuff with fast tight rooty downhills. (Gaunlet, Hemlock Tunnel, Comet, Hi-Dee-Hoe).

      Douthat is probably 3 hours from Greensboro and has about 40 miles of trails, not counting miles of stuff outside of the park on national forest. Very steep riding, fun coming downhill but very tough climbing. Trail maintenance there is so-so.


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      Turkey is good for breakfast and supper also. Its even good for a bedtime snack just so its not muddy.

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