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      THE ANSWERS ARE SIMPLE: Alta Vista Events and Baja Promotions/BP Racing, have been in the competition promotion business since 1984, when we first promoted Baja off-road and dirt-bike races.
      From there we grew to promote skateboarding competitions, Radio Controlled (R/C) race cars, watercraft (jet ski) races, and a plethora of other competitive events and series, always leaning on the endurance aspect of the sport.

      In 2012 we will be hosting the first-ever 2012 WILD & WICKED MTB ENDURANCE SERIES in California City, CA, with a three-race series, each consisting of six-hour enduros.

      If nothing else, we are about keeping it simple (we use the KISS method), so that we can concentrate on racing and nothing else. We leave little to chance and lean heavily on time scoring and backups. You can’t dispute someone crossing the line first ahead of someone else. It is not subjective.

      We have scanned a number of excellent organizations in the sport and try to come up with classes that we believe will fit just about every type of ability and level of competition, without diluting the program with too many classes, yet always keeping in mind that we must nurture the person who is just getting into our sport. Therefore…

      Men’s Pro (with pro paying purse)
      Women’s Pro (with pro paying purse)

      Men’s Expert
      Women Expert
      Men Open Solo (non-pro)
      Women Open Solo (non-pro)
      40+ Solo Exp
      40+ Solo Nov
      50+ Solo Exp
      50+ Solo Nov
      60+ Solo Exp
      60+ Solo Nov
      Single-Speed Open
      Jr. Solo (under 18 years-old)
      Clydesdale (200 lbs. +)
      2-Men Open Team
      2-Women Open Team
      2-Co-ed Open Team
      Beginner (limited distance)
      [When available]
      PeeWee – 6 yr to 8 yr
      Mini – 9 yr to 12 yr

      MEMBERSHIPS: Not required at this time

      SCORING –
      OVERALL POINTS – These are based on the number of people the racer beat where they all ran the same distance. Shortened courses or a limit on time or number of laps do not count.
      As an example, in an event where there were 350 entries all running the same course for the same amount of time, the formula is as follows:
      • 1st Overall = 349 pts.
      • 2nd Overall = 348 pts.
      • 3rd Overall = 347 pts.
      • 4th Overall = 346 pts.
      • 5th Overall = 345 pts. and so on…

      CLASS POINTS – These points are awarded according to you finishing position and the number of people you beat in Class. Example: There are 27 people in the Open Expert Class, Points are awarded as follows:

      1. 100 pts + 26 = 126 pts.
      2. 95 pts + 25 = 120 pts.
      3. 92 pts + 24 = 116 pts.
      4. 90 pts + 23 = 113 pts.
      5. 88 pts + 22 = 110 pts.
      6. 87 pts. + 21 = 108 pts.
      7. 86 pts. + 20 = 106 pts.
      8. 85
      9. 84
      10. 83
      11. 82
      12. 81
      13. 80
      14. And so on, until the last person in class gets the points accordingly but no extra points for beating anyone.

      Reasons behind this scoring system: In the last twenty-eight (28) years that we have been producing racing events, we have been able to hone down a formula that best rewards people in competition. The faster, the most challenged person in an event should get the most points. This is especially true in the variable we found in classes. Some classes are very large and very competitive, while other classes lack entries and there is less competition. Who should be awarded the most points? The person who runs the fastest and beats the most people in Class. It’s that simple. This system also applies whether we are running shorter-distance events, heats, multi-heats, etc.

      PRO PAYBACK – These amounts may differ from event to event. If there is a Guaranteed purse at an event, that is the total amount that is set aside for the top pros, that will be the mount paid.

      DISTRIBUTION FROM THE PRO PURSE: From the Pro Purse we normally pay on a formula using 50% of the purse for 1st Place; 30% of the Pro purse for 2nd place; and 20% of the Pro purse for 3rd place. In larger entries we will pay back further down, sometimes down to 10th place. The formula then is restructured to pay back to 10th place:
      For example:
      1. = 30% of purse
      2. = 15% of purse
      3. = 12%
      4. = 10%
      5. = 9%
      6. = 7%
      7. = 6%
      8. = 5%
      9. = 4%
      10. = 2%

      AWARDS – We also use the 30% Formula to determine how far down we award positions. For example:

      • In a class with 10 entries = We award 1st, 2nd, & 3rd.
      • In a class with 8 entries = We award 1st & 2nd only
      • In a class with 7 entries or less = We award 1st place only

      (NOTE: We always award the first place finisher in any class even if there is only one person in class. However, that person must complete the event.)

      SERIES CHAMPIONSHIPS – We will have a special award ceremonies for those who won their respective classes during the three-race series and for those who earned the most Overall points for the series. Location: TBA

      ENDURANCE COURSES – By the nature of the type of event and the series, endurance means just that. We can also promote other series and disciplines of competition, but the WILD & WICKED MTB ENDURANCE SERIES is all about challenging the rider and his/her equipment. Do not expect an easy "trail ride." On the other hand, we are not here to break your body or your equipment. Each course is designed to offer challenges but to allow people to continue racing. Everything is in "small" doses.
      It doesn’t do any one of us good to put on an event that it is so difficult that only a few will finish. We want the majority of competitors to finish and have a great time, feeling that they were challenged.
      On the other hand, from time to time, we WILL put on special events that will be the most challenging of all and will be advertised as such.

      For this series, however, our first course is 7.2 miles long (may be revised or tweaked before the date), and is laid out on different types of terrain to offer you difficult spurts, smooth running, breathers or recovery sections, and great terrain for competition. In a few spots on the course, it may be necessary for some to carry their bikes over the summit or through a section. However, this is kept to a minimum

      COURSE RATINGS – We use a simple measuring formula to rate each course. Moreover, when we print a map or make a GPS map available, we will be able to "rate" certain sections by their degree of difficulty or simplicity. Here is the formula:

      • 10 = Fast, with very little difficulty. You might as well race on the freeway!
      • 1 = Almost impassable. You’ll hate the world even if you are lucky to finish

      Most of our courses are rated from about 4.8 to 6.8 and in certain sections those rating may dip down to 3.5 or so for short spurts and as high as 8.5 in other unavoidable fast sections. If at all possible, we will never lay out a course using pavement.

      PRE-RUNNING – Almost always we set aside a day for pre-running for those who are going to compete. This is usually on the Friday before Saturday’s race, starting at Noon (12 p.m.) until 4 p.m. (winter) or 5 p.m. (summer). This is the time you will have to get acquainted with the race course, and the markings we use. Everyone is welcomed to use a GPS tracking system to make sure you are on the correct course. We can provide you with a "kml" file for Google Earth, which you can convert to your specific GPS system.
      Moreover, we mark our racecourses with "double" white ribbons, always on the right side of the course and closest to the rider, and we also use "Mileage" markers every mile for reference, plus black arrows with white backgrounds. Sometimes we will change colors for specific reasons, and you will be alerted during the mandatory rider’s meeting of such changes.

      MANDATORY RIDER’S MEETING – Everyone must attend the mandatory rider’s meeting to catch up on last minute information, possible course changes and details pertaining to the event. The "Mandatory Rider’s Meeting" is usually one-hour (1) before the start if the race.
      In the case of our first event, the race starts at exactly 10 a.m. and will finish at 4 p.m. Therefore the Mandatory Rider’s Meeting is set at 9 a.m.

      STAGING – You will be asked to "stage" 15 minutes before the start of the event or at 9:45 a.m. if the event starts at 10 a.m. You will be staged in several manners of starting:
      1. We may start by rows (Pros, Experts, Age, etc.)
      2. We may assign a starting position based on your "postmark" no matter what class
      3. We may start each individually with his/her own time, using anywhere from 5 to 15 second intervals.
      4. We may use the "Le Mans" method of starting for everyone at one time

      SCORING – All scoring will be done by computer with hand-written backup in case of computer failure. We anticipate having our scoring system where we not only track your positions during each lap but also is a self-scoring method. Irrespective, we will always have back-ups to augment our scoring accuracy.

      UN-OFFICIAL RESULTS – If we feel there are discrepancies with the scoring or a particular class, we may make the results "unofficial" until such time the score have been verified. Sometimes, we may need to make the Un-official results for a period of a few days until all other checks, back-checks and backup scoring have been verified.
      During this period, this is also the time to make sure the information about the racer is correct (class, age, spelling, sponsors, etc.)

      OFFICIAL RESULTS – Results become official at the date we announce and once everything has been checked and verified for accuracy.

      AWARDS – We will be able to award class and overall winners between one and two hours after the event at the start/finish or at a later time if the awards are held at a remote location. This will be covered during the Mandatory Rider’s Meeting.

      TRACK SUPPORT DURING THE EVENT – We will have "checkpoint" officials and "sweeps" on the course during the event to assist and possibly bring back a racer who has broken down or injured.
      In case of an injury, we will also have EMTs and/or Paramedics to first look at the injured party. It may be necessary to call for emergency airlift if the individual is deemed to need it.
      "Official" vehicle on the course take precedence. We may be using one of our four-wheel-drive vehicles, UTVs, Quads, and even motorcycles to access the course and the rider. You must allow such vehicle to have immediate access to the racecourse.

      There will be at least one "Watering Hole" check on the course where you may be able to pick up water if needed. We will NOT give you a plastic water bottle to take as we do not want to litter our desert and the course. We will have cups from where you can drink and drop into the trash container.

      CHECKPOINTS & COMMUNICATIONS – We encourage everyone to carry with you either and/or a hand-held radio, programmed for 151.925 MHz or 151.880 MHz, or a cell telephone, with the following numbers: 760.578.36258 – 760.578.6256 (there may be other telephone numbers at the time of the event that you will be given), in case of emergency. You will be provided with a card showing these numbers and others at the time you check-in to pick up your "wrist" band as proof of your paid entry.
      All our checks an officials on the course will have communications.
      It is imperative that you have a pretty good idea as to where you are on the course (by mileage), as it will make it much faster and easier to get to you or an injured rider.

      WRIST BANDS – All participants MUST have a "wrist" band before and after competition. You will not be allowed to start unless you can display one. At the finish, you will be checked for a wrist band. If you do not have one, you will may be disqualified from the event.

      PUBLIC LANDS – Remember, we have the option to use 203 square miles of California City desert. As such, the desert is open to the public and anyone can use it. It is important to note that while we will do everything possible to alert non-competitors that there is an event going on, there’s always the chance that someone will venture into our course. Please be mindful that there could be other people on the course.
      To this extent, we lay out our courses on the County side, on unmaintained and existing streets, boulevards, cul-de-sacs, easement, etc. We have found that using the county trails and roads are less traveled than those in the city. Again, all these are dirt road and for the most part, they are nothing of what you might expect as a county road. They are unmaintained and well used by the winds and sun. Perfect for our type of racing.
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      If you would like to see the course via Google Earth please e-mail us at: [email protected] or [email protected] – We will send you a "kml" file that gives you the exact location, distance of the course and also provides you with the option to view the entire course via the "Tour" option in Google Earth.

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      BIG NEWS! We’ve upped the ante from a [color=#FF0000:35g6n1ev][size=150:35g6n1ev]$1000 Pro Purse to $1600[/size:35g6n1ev][/color:35g6n1ev] in our first – APRIL 14 event of the season. We’ve added, besides the 6-hour Enduro, a 3-hour enduro, and put up another $600 to the Pro purse. That means that those who are riding the full six-hours will have $1000 to share, with Pro Men getting $500 and Pro Women getting another $500.
      For those riding the 3-hour enduro, they will be vying for the $600 pro purse divided as follows: $300 for Pro Women and $300 for Pro Men.
      In any case, there[color=#FF0000:35g6n1ev] MUST BE 10 ENTRIES in each Pro Class[/color:35g6n1ev] to qualify for the guranteed purse. Otherwise, we will use the [color=#FF0000:35g6n1ev]30% Pay Back[/color:35g6n1ev] formula for nine or less entries in each Pro Class.

      We received a lot of calls from people who would like to make the event but six-hours may be too much as this is one of the first enduro events of the season. So we listened and changed the format a bit.

      We are also awarding all 1st places in each class a FREE entry (worth $75) to our next event, however, there must be at least 3 entries in each class.
      For more details, please go to this link: http://www.averacing.com/wild-wicked-mt … ro-events/

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      The new date is[color=#FF0000:29immu7k] JUNE 15-16,[/color:29immu7k] with the 16th being race day. Check out the changes we have made. Go to: http://www.averacing.com and go to this link: http://www.averacing.com/wild-wicked…enduro-events/

      New Classes
      New entry fee
      Same great course
      Kids and PeeWee classes
      And much more…
      Oh, yes, specialized t-shirts made on the spot

      Call 760.373.8227

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