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      Does anyone ride in/around Wichita Falls?

      I’ll be traveling there for business sometime in April and I should have at least one free weekend. If anyone wants to play tour guide, shoot me a PM. ????

      Are there any must-rides that are closer than the ones in the top 100 or epic list?

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      I think you meant to put this in the Southwest section, but Austin has a few god trails. It is about a 4.5ish hour drive so I don’t know if you are up for that. If you are check out walnut creek. I haven’t riden it in many years, but it used to be a good trail.

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      Thanks for the tip on Walnut Creek. I’ll see if I can fit a trip to Austin in some weekend.

      It lists Texas as one of the states under the Midwest section, that’s why I put it here.

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