Why Should I Upgrade To Discs

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      Why should I upgrade to disc brakes, I can stop perfectly fine with rim brakes even though they are a bit noisy.

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      Well, it’s hard to find rim brakes on serious mountain bikes anymore which is a pretty good indication that disc brakes are better. (No, disc brakes aren’t spec’d on bikes out of some conspiracy just to get people to pay more for bikes.) In brief:

      • Rim brakes get wet more easily because rims are close to the ground. Wet brakes don’t work as well as dry ones.
      • Disc brakes are generally lighter weight.
      • Disc brakes are generally easier to tune and dial in correctly.
      • Disc brakes offer much much better stopping power. (Not going to get into the physics behind it.)

      If you can stop perfectly fine with your rim brakes then I say run what you brung! But most people find that rim brakes don’t offer enough power.

      BTW, what’s with all the tags on this post? Why tag all these random brands, many of which have nothing to do with brakes?



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      It might depend on where and how you ride, but I’d bet if you rode with disc breaks that you’d find your braking power and control isn’t near what it could be. But if you are happy, then keep keepin’ on!

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      Do some long, technical downhill in the rain. I can, and do, with plenty of confidence and control. Can you say the same with your side-pull brakes?

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      If for no other reason, it’s much easier to remove wheels.

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      they are way better


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      I personally much rather prefer disc brakes, better and more responsive stopping power, plus a lot newer technology! But keep enjoying your rim brakes if that’s what keeps you rollin!

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      I’m also still riding with rim brakes. And the seem ok, but personally I can’t wait to try disks.

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      It’s kinda like the time before a microwave oven and after.  Once you use them you wonder how the hell you ever did without them in the first place!  I have not looked back once I got my first bike with disc brakes.  I can’t tell you how many times they have bailed me out of a bad situation.  Try them, you’ll like them!

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      Related,are hydrolic disks way better than mechanical or just a nice upgrade?

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      Hydraulic disc brakes offer more stopping power than mechanical brakes. Fast riders and also heavier riders can definitely benefit from hydros, so whether or not they are “way better” depends on the rider’s needs.

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      I have mechanical disc brakes on one bike and hydraulic disc brakes on another (both hardtails, both singlespeeds) and the hydraulic disc brakes definitely require less effort.  So, while I would agree that hydraulic disc brakes provide more stopping power for a given amount of effort, you can certainly get similar stopping power from mechanical disc brakes but it requires more effort.

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      Thanks Jeff and Keith. Searching for a new bike and having never ridden a bike with disks just wondered what the major difference was.

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      Advantage of Hydro brakes is power and lower weight if you care.  Also they self adjust the pads as they wear.  The downside is bleeding them on some models can be a pain.  Mechanical brakes such as avid bb7’s are pretty easy to maintain and cost less than most hydros.  Good luck

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