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      I have developed a short survey to gain a better understanding of why people travel to mountain bike and what attracts people a specific location.  This survey is part of a Master’s Thesis being completed by Brian Abernethy at Troy University in Troy, Alabama.  Participation is voluntary and responses are anonymous.  Please take the time to complete this survey found at this link:


      Thank you in advance for your consideration of participation.


      Brian Abernethy

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      I appreciate your input!


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      Done, I hope you will share your results here when completed.  Looks like an interesting study.


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      Done but I will answer in simplistic form here….I travel to experience new trails & diversity in terrain. We have it pretty good here in SoCal with the weather and variety of trails but if you want to ride some LOAMY, magical dirt in a dense forest, you have to travel.  Same goes for experiencing places like Sedona, Hurricane or Moab if you prefer the wide open desert scenery with views that go on forever and I may only be speaking for myself….but you haven’t ridden until you’ve experienced Squamish & Whistler (at least in North America).

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        Thanks for the feedback.  I do plan on sharing the findings.

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      Completed.  Very thoughtful in the way this was composed/laid out.  As others have asked, it would be appreciated if you posted the results to this site.  In fact, it would be a great quality “article” read (vs. a forum post).

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      To get there!!

      Actually, I do travel for those special places for my bike an I to have some quality time on something different from my daily haunts. Don’t wanna burn out on my loco haunts cause they are a necessity for any plusser owner. To be able to experience a fine bike on some high quality terrain is a blessing and it is nice to change it up from time to time.

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        Haha, I totally get it.  I can ride my local trail and feel like a total boss to only get humbled in a serious way once I hit a new trail.

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      I just finished, hope it helps.

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      Hey. The necessary research. I will definitely take the survey

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        Thanks for taking the time to complete the survey.  I’ve always been curious why certain trails or places have such high appeal to riders.  I’m really interested to learn more about the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ when it comes to the decide making process on where to travel to mountain bike.

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      Done. Hope it helps and looking forward to the results.

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