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      Hey guys

      I am an avid mountain biker and nutritionist, trying to fill the gaping void of nutrition advice (scientifically backed) specific to a sport so many people live and breathe!!

      Almost ALL of the scientific research to date regarding nutrition and cycling is on road cyclists; due to the inherent differences evident in mountain biking, compared to road cycling, it is not always valid and and I am trying forge the way in highlighting the need for future research.

      I am therefore carrying out a scientific research project looking at the nutritional knowledge of amateur mountain bikers.

      Knowledge will be assessed by means of a questionnaire which will take approximately 10 minutes to complete (please ensure you have the time when following the link, as any incomplete questionnaires will not be valid).  There is a participant information sheet at the beginning to provide you with further information and answer questions you may have.

      If you are an avid mountain biker;

      • aged 18+
      • that rides regularly (≥1x per week)
      • who has completed at least one endurance event OR who has completed a ride that lasted more than 2 hours in duration (within the last 18 months)

      and would like to take part in this research project, I would be eternally grateful!!

      Results available on completion.

      Be part of the first study of its kind.

      Remember, your best performance is dictated by your nutrition.  Fact.  Good nutrition will give you increased energy, stamina and optimal cognitive performance.


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      Right down to the basics… Try a proper, balanced diet with wholesome ingredients and stay away from anything that either comes in a box or is “instant”.

      Hike your skirt and put effort into dietary needs and your ride!

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