Who is making great custom mountain bike frames?

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      By definition, custom mountain bikes are boutique and outside of the mainstream, which makes it hard to find out about many of the builders out there.

      Who are you favorite custom mountain bike builders? Would love to hear about (and see) custom-built MTB frames people own as well.

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      For my Downhill bike I own a guerrilla gravity that I built up.  Great bike, feels very stable at speed and agile


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      I do not own nor have I ever ridden one, but Breadwinner looks real promising.

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      I’ve been to NAHBS twice. Mostly it is a lot of welding porn and many bikes you’d feel bad about getting dirty. That said, my fav’s are Soulcraft (Simple str8 forward no BS bikes and I will have one someday), Breadwinner (great looking yet still burly) and Black Cat (esthetically peerless and Todd is way ahead of the curve over many for smart design ideas).

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      Check out Kent Eriksen he makes titanium frames.

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      Is Foes Racing considered custom?


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        Nope.  I own and love my Foes Mixer, and while the parts kit is a custom build, the frame is not.

        I’m with Chris on this one, those Breadwinners look quite nice (and I’m not even from Portlandia).

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      Steve Garro – Coconino Cycles. Finely crafted bikes that are built to be ridden. Garro does gorgeous fillet brazing, nice one color paint jobs and an eye for the craftsmanship of a well made frame, but doesn’t build bikes that are too pretty to ride. He’s also never driven a car, is a tough Basque mofo, threatened to beat me up at my bachelor party, and is one of the best people you can ever know. http://www.coconinocycles.com/

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      Independent fabrications and Ted Wojcik are 2 great Northeast custom frame builders.  I had a Wojc back in the day, phenomenal handling bike, very comfortable to ride.  One day I would like to try an IF

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      For practical value, good communication and a short delivery time – Davis Carver. http://www.carverbikes.com

      Reliable folks to deal with.

      No relation just a very satisfied customer.

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