Who else wants to try riding a 36er?

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      Ok, I’ve been seeing a Black Sheep Cycles 36er at Interbike for years, but no one will ever let me ride it. 🙂 Now, it looks like Shaq has a 36er!

      Honestly a 36er probably handles like a pile of horse crap but still, I’m curious. Has anyone ridden one on a trail?


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      Well, I think there’s a reason that all the videos you see of them are either at a trade show or an asphalt road 🙂

      That being said, I’d ride it. It looks crazy fun.

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      I have a rule: no wheel diameters larger than my inseam. (Which is why I no longer have a 29er) 🙁

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        You’re either shrinking or the rule was put into effect midway in your riding career. Grandma shrank a lot. I hope your reduction in height isn’t as drastic.

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      My inseam is ~36in so I’m ok! 🙂

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