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      Hey guys had a question was thinking about going here today and I thought I read somewhere you could shuttle this place cuz there were 2 parking lots? Is this right or am I mixing this up with Mt Falcon or something? Thanks guy!

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      No,your right,you can shuttle white ranch.Take golden gate canyon rd. And follow the signs for white ranch upper parking lot,keep a sharp eye for the signs,not too hard to miss the right hand turns…

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      Thanks steve much appreciated! Cant wait to go get some downhill in!

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      [url].http://www.singletracks.com/bike-trails … ranch.html[/url]

      Check out the singletracks link above,there are some reveiws of white ranch too.

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      If you don’t shuttle it, just ride up Belcher trail. It’s not too bad.

      Earn that downhill!

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      yeah not too bad….definitely a workout…i almost made the climb non stop. i had a half mile left and a sharp smooth switch back got me to put my foot down. Man that is one good feeling to experience to push yourself and making climbs non-stop, especially on a mnt bike.

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      I would love to hear some people’s favorite routes around this trail. I know that I need to take Belcher up but how should I get down? Longhorn or Mustang? and how do they differ?

Viewing 6 reply threads

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