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    Is there ANY bicycle (All-Terrain-Bike?) that c<span>ould come closest to all these requirements?</span>
    1. The most/extremely rugged/toughest (must withstand fall/landing from at least 10-20 feet cliff or from a ramp with rider like BMX/XTB’s?/jump dirt bikes?) – for stunts.
    2. Most safest/secure (unbreakable, reliable immediate breaking system even at high speeds, full suspension), maintenance-free (or least).
    3.  Fastest (fastest gears and aerodynamically designed), and ergonomically designed (should be comfortable and most reliable enough for even extremely long trips).
    4.  Most stylish.

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    Since you haven’t really quantified any of these (aside from the first, sorta) it’s hard to say.

    Pretty much every bike and bike component engineer struggles to balance all of these things. Your best bet at finding something that fits your criteria is to look at the most expensive bikes since those are the only ones that could possibly come close to being rugged, fast, comfortable, light, etc. all at once.

    Put another way, the only requirement you’re missing is that it has to be cheap, so start looking at the top of the high end. 🙂

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    An immediate braking system sounds kinda scary…

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    Man, a lot of contradiction in requirements 🙂

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    Go to the evil bikes website should find one on their that would work for you 🙂 It’s my dream bike

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    I have found success with ultimately building my ‘best bike’. Start by researching and buying the highest quality bike your budget can afford. Then, as time and trail abuse take their tolls, upgrade the components that assist your bike in suspension, braking, comfort and speed accordingly. This will sort of become an ongoing process as your skills and understanding of your bikes capabilities improve. All bikes have different feels to them. Pick the one that meets most of your requirements and feels good when you are riding it and go from there.


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