Which is better? Hammer Nutrition or GU?

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    I use both and like hammer a little better, but I like them both.

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    Can I say neither? 🙂 Not a fan of the sticky stuff at all, but I have to give a nod to the Hammer Endurolyte pills. Those things have helped me out of a jam on more than on occasion.

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    I say it’s personal preference 🙂 I like Hammer Nutrition a bit better, but I probably use Gu more since it’s more widely available.

    That said, I use neither very often–those things are expensive!

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    None of these electrolyte products provide a person with a substantial amount of electrolytes especially potassium which is the most important imo.  Plus they are all pricey.  I have moved away from these products.  For longer rides I have gone with dissolving my high quality multi-vitamin in my trail drink.  Never had a problem since.  The good multi-vitamins have far more electrolytes in them than these products.  Due to restrictions by the FDA, you are stuck with replenishing potassium by food intake.  For longer rides I bring a couple of cups of non-fat yogurt.  It is super high in potassium and tastes really good on the trail.  I also bring some tomato juice sometimes.  It is also very high in potassium and vitamin C and the acids that assist in energy processing.

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    I use both gels, picked by flavor available.  I think they both work good for a hit of quick energy on the trail.  I tried espresso flavored yesterday, can’t remember which brand it was, but it was one of the two.  It was nasty tasting….


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