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      I rode my cannondale SV-1000 in a race for the first time this weekend. Although I performed decent for my experience I couldnt help but notice these big wheel bikes cruising right by me. I went to the local bike shop and test rode the Marin Alpine Trail 29er. I loved it, and the price tag of 749.

      My question is which 29er should I get in a price range of about 800 dollars. I want to save some money for clipless pedals and shoes.

      I am a casual but competitive rider. I am riding for the enjoyment as well as the extreme fitness needed to get good.

      My local dealer has Jamis, Kona and Marin. I like the idea of getting a bike from him since he will set it up for me. I am still open to suggestions!

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      Those guys on 29ers passed you because they’re faster, not because of the wheels, but because of the motor. The big wheels don’t make that much difference, they really don’t. And this is coming from a guy who rides a 29er.

      But if you’re already in the market for a new bike, and you want a hardtail, I’d go 29er over 26. They are a little more comfy. But, for your price range, you may be able to get a better 26" bike. I’m not really sure.

      How much is the Jamis 29er SS? I know a guy who has the 26" version and he loves it. The steel frame is nice.

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      I was attempting to blame my speed on my bike…thanks for bringing me back to reality.

      I was in the market for a 29er before the race it just made me want it more. The sections I was getting beat it were uphill with rocks and roots. I constantly got hung up on stuff that they just cruised right over. Does skill and experience play a role, ABSOLUTELY. I still think the bike has something to do with it.

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      I have owned a Marin HT for about 12 years. I have literally beat it to death but it just keeps on going. I know several others who own Marins and they love them. If you are in the HT market and looking at those three brands I would say Marin and then the Kona. Does Kona have a 29er?

      Marin has a method to put lower end parts where you dont really need them to keep the price low. Plus… Who can argue with a company that hails from the mother of Moutain biking? Marin County 😆

      Happy Trails

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      You might also want to peruse the fleeBay and see what your $800 will get you there. I know last year Surly had a deal where the Karate Monkey was around that and it’s a nice riding machine.

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