whether the weather will ever let me ride

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      got up this morning figuring "hey havent had a real good ride in a while, and i dont have much to do today so i should go out for a nice ride" only to find it had poured all night long…now im sitting on the computer wishing i had chosen to sleep.

      i know i should have looked at the weather, but what do yous guys do when your ride is rained out?

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      Ride anyways. Grab an old jacket , crappy shorts/ pants and ride, maybe for not as long a usuall. Beats doing nothin’. Also justifies making a huge lunch. Enjoy!

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      if it rains here i ride the pavement for a little bit. I never ride the trails after a good rain, it destroys every single persons hard work that goes into maintaining it and creating it. I dont know if everywhere is the same but you shouldnt ride most of the trails (in my area) after a good rain. Usually in the afternoon the ground is dried up but its best to use common sense when you get to the trail head or respect the signs (closed/open) if up.

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      ended up just going out on the road bike, anyone else do this? pavement dries faster than dirt

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      Forest Service roads, logging roads, abdoned rail road right of ways.

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      I always ride pavement or seasonal roads after it rains – not worth mudding up my favorite trails, you know? Sometimes riding in the rain can be fun too…always appreciate a challenge.

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      i like riding in the mud, but not on public trails, that’s totally selfish and stupid to ruin the trails that are used for everyone.

      but i love riding the trails i have in my backyard, that are meant to DBing, in the rain.

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