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      Looking to do a trip labor day weekend. Initially I wanted to do Moab but the temps look scary hot and it’s a bit hard to get to for a short trip. Now I’m thinking Park City, but I’d really be missing Moab’s unique scenery and technical riding.

      Anyone know a good desert destination with reasonable temps this time of year? Is St. George a feasible option, since it seems to be higher elevation?

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      Not sure where you’re located but I can’t think of anyplace in the desert that I’d want to go riding over Labor Day weekend. I will say that the mesa’s (Gooseberry, Guacamole…..maybe Little Creek but I’m not sure) were 20 degrees cooler than Hurricane when we went to St George in May.

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      Rode St. George in Mid-September a couple years back, and it was almost 100 degrees. Generally speaking, Labor Day is too early for desert riding!

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      Thanks for the input guys. Looks like it’s gonna be Park City, which is really nothing to complain about. I’ve heard that even the higher elevation riding in South Utah has been having forest fire problems

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      That are a that had the fire was down south near Brain Head. However, the resort and all of the best trails were unscathed. There is actually some great riding there and if you live in SoCal, Vegas or AZ, it will be closer than Park City and may be worth checking out. The elevation at the top of Brian Head is over 10,000 ft and it’s definitely cooler. Check out youtube videos for Thunder Mountain and Dark Hollow. Awesome rides!!

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      You should also consider New Mexico for riding. They have many great trails on higher elevations.

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      Where are you at?  Copper Harbor Mi has a mountain bike festival that weekend!  Also a good time for Crested Butte (anywhere in Colorado in the mountains are perfect that time of year…but it’ll be busy for sure.)  Can’t go wrong with Park City either.

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      I didn’t mention Copper Harbor on purpose because it’s gonna be crowded. If that’s your cup of tea, then by no means it’s the best place to ride in entire Midwest.

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