Where has all the color gone?

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      What has happened to all the bikes color? There is a large percentage of them that look like they are naked or primer or just black/white. I want a bike you can see from a helicopter so that I can be seen when I fall into the bottom of the ravine.

      You guys like the plain no color frames or would you like color frames?

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      I has become the same with motorcycles too. Flat colors are supposed to be in vouge with the younger riders. Most older and distinguished gentlemen (like me) seem to prefer bolder colors that stand out so we don’t misplace our steed. Mine is a bright yellow on the painted parts and natural titanium parts on the rest. Colors are the way to role IMHO. 😄 Later,

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      What do you mean where has all the color gone? 😃

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      "dozzerboy" wrote

      What do you mean where has all the color gone? 😃

      So Giant at one time did do color…..I hope they come back to that!!

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      I no longer own this bike, sold it and got my hands on a ’98 Klein Pulse Comp, but it’s pretty striking if you ask me! It is black I guess, but still pretty eye-catching!


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      Actually, maybe its just me, but it seems like all I’m seeing these days are mtn. bikes and accessories in bright neon green?! So much so, I was asking myself "Did I miss the memo about neon green becoming the official color for mountain biking?!"

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      This post made me chuckle…I was actually thinking of getting my Blur in a cool color but most of the frames in my size were out of stock in the warehouse. I went with the raw metal color and it looks killer. I dig some of the neon green stuff.

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      I automatically thought of the bike I almost went with (the pine mountain 29er by marin)! I too dig the green, but the light blue was too much for me. I like their nail trail 29er that’s black with the neon green, but i went with the cheaper bolinas ringe (more entry level, less color).


      I also like a good white and red bike.

      **fingers crossed that i linked an image correctly, i have no idea**

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      I went with the bright blue, myself… so it matches my eyes…

      "When I wear blue, I am like the wind!" – [i:x29n1n30]Sealab 2021[/i:x29n1n30]

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      I actually like a basic color on my bike and then add my own personal touches via cool stickers from all the great places I’ve taken my mtn. bike. My old bike is covered in stickers from Crested Butte, Durango, telluride, various bike races, brewery’s visited and rock concerts attended…that way there’s no other bike like mine! Got only a couple of stickers on my 29er so far

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