When to use front lock on suspension?


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      I have bought a Trinx m136 mountain bike and it has a front suspension lock, I have it on locked and rode about 6 kilometers and didn’t notice much of a difference, I was on bumpy roads mainly, bumpy highways, downhills, uphills, it felt a bit more dangerous when hitting speed bumps at high speeds to be fair, so when should I be using this??

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      Dhops, I never use a suspension lockout, bow or stern.

      Properly adjusted for the activity and rider’s taste is why we buy suspension at stupid high prices. That takes time and experience to sort out and every minute spent is valuable time spent on learning.

      For some folks, a lockout has benefit, some do not use it. Subjective as tire pressure and saddle choice, I suppose.

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      My bike has both front and rear lockouts but I never use them.  Lockouts are a hold-over from years back when suspension designs were primitive and bikes tended to pogo/bob when pedaled.  I bought my first full-sus bike in the 90’s and that thing bobbed like mad.  However, modern suspension designs have mostly cured this problem.  Properly set up, modern bikes don’t bob much.  In addition, most lockouts don’t completely lockout but are designed to let go on very hard hits.  If I were to use my lockouts, it would be on pavement and gravel.  In addition, you don’t want to use your lockouts on steep loose climbs.  Keeping your suspension open adds traction on climbs.

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      On my xc bike when riding the road to the woods, my front stsys locked out. Fire road climbs, front is locked out.

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      On a road.. although I see you are mountain bike…if you ride it as well as you can (training required) (for physical well being) it’s ok to ride a mountain bike on tar providing you go easy on yourself.. use the locked front suspension any time…try it out for your self.. I like it on the road for extra mph. It improves the hairdryer effect.

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