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      Hit me with your buying advice for a wheelset.

      Rider is 200lbs, I’ve been on Mavic crossride disc wheels for about 6 years. Two sets. Seems like I have to replace them every 3 years. Which isn’t bad.

      My budget is less than $1000.00 but more like 500-700.

      I like to race (poorly) so weight is an issue but my real requirement is the wheels have to be solid trail wheels (strength). I can’t replace them every year. I’m not going to ride downhill. But I do ride a lot of rock gardens, roots, up one side of appalachian mountains and down the other.

      Classic skewer, disc only, tubeless compatible would be nice. Running Avid brakes. Can’t remember how many bolts. Guess I need to walk into the garage and find out.

      I would like to hear some learned recommendations. My LBS is only selling pretty low end stuff, which is fine but I would like to try something lighter and stiffer. I know they will order for me if I find something I like.

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