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      I need some advice about a wheelset upgrade. Stock on my GF Marlin are Bontrager Camino rims with Shimano M65 hubs. I’m looking to switch those out with WTB Dual Duty Shimano M475 combo wheels I found on jensonusa.com. I saw these recommended on a forum not too long ago, and for $89/pair, I thought they were a good deal. Can anyone chime in & let me know if that really is a good deal…or more importantly, is that a good wheelset. I mostly ride XC, but I like to think I’m relatively aggressive. The weight doesn’t really matter to me either. I just want to make sure they’re durable & won’t hinder me in any way (if that’s possible for a wheelset to do). Thanks for any help/advice.

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      I have that exact wheelset on my Giant Trance. They are a little heavy due to being freeride rims, but 1) I weigh 200lbs, 2) I ride pretty hard on technical XC trails and 3) I don’t want to be truing them every other ride or so.

      All in all, I love these rims! They look great, are super solid and stiff and $89.00 for a pair of disc ready rims with skewers is impossible to beat.

      My only gripe is that they are very hard to mount my WTB velociraptor tires on. I’m fairly sure it’s not the tires because I could mount them with my bare hands on the Alex rims on my hardtail.

      Bottom line, if the little extra weight doesn’t scare you and your good with Pedro’s tire levers…get them!

      Here’s how they look mounted up:


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      That’s funny that you mention the Velociraptors, b/c I plan on picking them up too once I need to replace my tires. Guess I’ll just have to get good with the tire levers. Thanks a lot for the info!

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      Agreed, these wheels are noticeably heavy, but it’s worth it to me to have the beefiness.

      Also, these are rim or disc brake compatible for what it’s worth.

      As for the tires, the front mounted ok, the back was a nightmare. I haven’t flatted yet, but I’m hoping it stretches a little so the next time will be easier.

      When I bought these, I went back and forth between the WTB’s and these. You’ll have to spend your own time on MTBR to help you decide, but I ended up going WTB and I’m happy with them on my rig.

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      From what I could gather online, it looks like there will be about a 1lb increase going with the WTB Dual Duty’s. Can’t really complain about that as long as I’m carrying an extra 5-10 in my midsection 😃 Plus, my skills aren’t anywhere near a level that allows me to blame my lack of speed on the weight of the bike. Thanks again for all the great help!

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      1 lb increase over which other wheels, just out of curiosity?

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      "Mongoose" wrote

      I huck 7′ to 20′ drops, big jumps, table-tops, rock gardens, boulders, and very gnarly roots and I have never had to true them yet.

      I ‘huck’ 7" to 20" drops 😆 and I haven’t had to true mine either.

      Seriously though, I hit a ton of log water bars, rock gardens, square-edged ledges and everything else, and these rims just handle it. I’ve also noticed that I don’t get any of the lateral flex that some of my riding buddies get with their skinny XC rims.

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      To answer your question maddslacker, the weight increase is compared to the stock setup on my GF Marlin.

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