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      So I let my buddy ride my bike the other weekend because he didn’t have one and I got to borrow a kickass DH bike. Anyways, my rims are jacked now. They were able to be bent back to true but the spokes are a little sloppy and the front hub is pinging and popping. They’re mavic x223’s w/ Deore hubs, the stock set that came with my Giant VT2.

      So I’m looking for a new wheelset. I’m about a 210lb rider so I need some strength. I’ve gotten pretty tired of having to true the 223’s so often. I don’t want to weigh the bike down anymore, but I want some strength. I’ve been looking at the Sun Singletrack’s or maybe mavic 717’s. I didn’t really want to spend that much money though either.

      Any reccommendations?

      and if anyone has a good wheelset to sell and you’re in central or northern California I’d be interested.


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      I really like the 717’s that came on my EPIC. I am also a 210+ pound rider and they are still perfect after several hundred miles and a few minor crashes.

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      Look into the Azonic Outlaw wheelset….

      They’re pretty decently priced, a bit weighty, but you will NOT damage them unless you intentionally start bouncing a rim against a sharp rock.
      Plus, the front hub is convertable from QR to 20mm thru-axle.

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      I was thinking about getting Mavic crossrides for my bike and was wondering if anyone knew of any better wheels for that price. This set is going to cost about 210 dollars.

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      The set I got almost two years ago that is in that price range was the Shimano XT 756 hubs with Mavic XM321 rims. Not real light, but stiff and strong. They were true up until the day that I didn’t clamp the bike in the carrier tight enough and the front fork came loose, leaving the bike dangling off the top of the truck by the rear wheel at 65mph. 😳 Now the rear wheel is just slightly out of true, but not bad enough to even worry about. I think I have around 4000 miles on them and I’ve been really happy with them.

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      I picked up a set of the Mavic XM321’s with XT 756 hubs a few weeks ago for $150 and they’ve been fantastic so far. Still straight after a trip to Mammoth. Combining those with a Manitou Minute 1 fork has really stiffened up the ride.

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      Sounds like a decision was made on the wheelset. But since we’re on the subject… I bought a set of Mavic Crossrides last fall as a backup wheelset. Well, I tore up my WTB Laserdisc Lite rear hub – massive skipping, and broken teeth after only about 200 mi. I’ve had the rear Mavic Crossride on since, for about 800 miles. It’s slightly out of true, there sometimes is noise coming from the hub, and only sometimes it skips a cog before engaging. Since it doesn’t always skip it seems like a grease weight problem, though I haven’t looked into it yet (I’d rather just keep riding). So, they don’t seem very durable, but then again I only paid $200. I’ve ridden some with the front Crossride on, and it lacks some lateral rigidity, even when fairly new. I’ve also ridden some stock Sun Ditchwitches that came on my Specialized Hardrock Pro, and they’ve been bombproof on 4-5 foot drops. They are HEAVY!!

      I’m about 230 lbs, and have had problems with Shimano Deore, WTB LaserDisc Lite, and Mavic rear hubs. I’ve decided I”m just hard on them.

      It seems like there were a few larger guys on this post. Have any of you had good luck with a mid-grade hub. I’m looking for that perfect one – cheap, light, and durable of course.

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      "dauw" wrote

      Have any of you had good luck with a mid-grade hub. I’m looking for that perfect one – cheap, light, and durable of course.

      Of those three attributes, pick two. Once you pick light & durable, cheap goes out of the equation. 😏

      I’m telling ya’ll, look into the Azonic Outlaws…..

      They’re not the lightest (they ain’t all that heavy, either), but they’re pretty indestructible.

      The amount of abuse I’ve levelled on that wheelset has been pretty intense, and they still roll quiet & true.

      These are the weights I found for the different wheelsets:

      [u:38yz3p2h]Azonic Outlaw[/u:38yz3p2h] = 2426g

      [u:38yz3p2h]Mavic Crossride[/u:38yz3p2h] = 1750g

      [u:38yz3p2h]Sun Singletrack[/u:38yz3p2h] = 2440g

      [u:38yz3p2h]Bontrager Race Disc[/u:38yz3p2h] = 1790g

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