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      is it possible to put 26” wheels on a 2021 commencal meta ht am without messing up the geo? wondering because it will finalize my build. trying to decide between a commencal meta ht am and a chromag stylus…

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      The only way you will mess with geo is two different wheel diameters, say 29f 27.5 r.

      The thing to be mindful of is 26 on a bike designed for 27.5 or 29 might just make for a pedal strike factory.

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      Sunspot with the quote of the day “Pedal Strike Factory”…  A very apt description.

      In a completely unweighted condition on the front fork, the crank on the meta is 1.6″ below the wheel centerline,  the crank is about 6.7″ so the pedal would be 6″ above the ground, unweighted and completely level.  That number would be reduced based on the sag you set.  As you lean the bike (to turn, clear rocks, etc.) that clearance is reduced based on the size pedal you have.  Take off another 1.5″ by going to a 26” wheel would definitely be a pedal strike factory.


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      thx for the input…. i’ve decided to get with a chromag stylus frame because “steel is real” and it looks really good AND chromag says it’ll fit 26 plus tires, which is fine with me…

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      What is the availability?  The BB drop is minor compared to most other offerings lately.The Stylus is looking good overall.

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      stylus is out of stock right now but i came across the kona honzo esd. trying out 29ers soon to see how i like em. LBS has a esd in stock right now sooo…

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      Something you might do… Ask the LBS if they will rent a bike that you are interested in for a few days or a week… Many will apply the rental fees to your purchase if you pull the trigger. That beats the hell out of a parking lot test in every way!

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      yup. lbs in kent wa has an esd in stock last time i checked so i may go there this sat if the weather is right and check it out… they may have a black friday deal. i know it has 29 in tires but i may get converted to 29s when i ride it. for the record i love 26in tires. way too much fun.

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      26er bikes and 26″ wheels are almost extinct and there aren’t many 26+ tires. Why burden yourself with overcoming those problems? In general, a bike frame is designed for a specific wheel size and tire width. If you stray from that very much you’re just asking for trouble. So pick either 27.5, 27.5+, 29, or 29+ wheels/tires and then choose a frame that is made for that wheel/tire. An inner width i30mm rim will fit 2.2-2.8 inch wide tires which is most of the tire widths that any mountain biker would ever want to use. Start with an i30 rim in either 27.5 or 29 and there’s not much else to decide given that you pick a frame which is made for that wheel size and tire width. Personally, I think 29×2.4-2.6 tires on i30 rims is the best choice. 29×2.4-2.6 tires on i30 rims dominate the market because most men find this setup to work best.

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      If you want a smaller wheel/tire please consider this. A 26×3.0 Plus tire is the same height as a 27.5×2.5 tire. A 26×2.8 Plus tire is the same height as a 27.5×2.4 tire. Personally, I recommend a 27.5×2.6 tires on i30 rims because they perform most like 29×2.4 tires in terms of traction and flotation.

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      26er bikes and 26″ wheels are almost extinct and there aren’t many 26+ tires.

      actually maxxis and veetireco(?) makes plenty of 26″ tires. no shortage there. chromag has 26 inch wheels/rims you can get. not much of a shortage there.

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