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      So, heres my problem. Ive got a Giant Trance, which I love, but its a little older, and has a standard QR front and rear wheel. The wheels, from what I can already tell, wont stand up to my riding long term (bought the bike used, and have ridden probably 20 times so far). They are DT Swiss 370 hubs laced to WTB Laserdisc Trail rims. My fork is a Fox F series 32 140mm travel open dropout. I dont want to spend a ton of money on wheels if its not a thru axle, so are there either:


      1. Any good all mountain wheels that are cheaper with a standard QR?


      2. Any good all mtn wheels with a thru axle that has an adapter for right now, so I can run a QR until I upgrade the fork later down the road?

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      Can’t go wrong with Hope hubs. They are really easy to convert between QR and 15mm. You just pull the end caps off. That way if you got a thru axle fork down the road, you’d be set.

      As for rims, I really like WTB’s Frequency i25s. They’re similar to the last generation of Stan’s Flow rims, but even stiffer.

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      I second the Hope hubs and WTB hoops for the same reasons.

      Take a look at the Pro IV hubs and the WTB KOM and Asym rims. I use KOM i23 with Conti Trail Kings and that set up gives a lovely tyre profile. Between them the KOM and Asym rims give you every internal width from 21 to 35mm.

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