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      I will be traveling to a few races and events with my bike/truck this year, and want to better protect the outside 25% of my wheels that are not covered by my truck (I am using a hitch style rack).  Does anyone know if something like this is already commercially available, or is it something that people would be interested in if I had something designed up and manufactured?

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      I’m very curious to know the answer to this too! Having hauled my fat bike on a trailer hitch rack during winter, I hate the idea of snow, slush, and salt getting sprayed all over my wheels, brakes, and rear derailleur.

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      Are you thinking a cover that would go over about 1/2 of the wheel and cover the brakes & derailleur? Kind of where I am at too

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      Exactly like that. I’m picturing something made from thick, woven nylon or duck cloth. Maybe with velcro straps to secure it to the wheels.

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      perfect…at least I am not the only one looking for something like this 🙂 If I can track something down, I will let you know

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      Highly recommend you not do this.  Wind drag at highway speeds will RIP it off, and possibly damage your bike as well as the rack.

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      The primary weather enemy of your bike parts on rack during travel is mineral and/or dirt, grit anything gritty. Easy albeit redneck solution is to forget about protecting tires, rims and cover the bearing surfaces, those with exposed cracks (steering tube, stem) and open exposed area like derailleur, with painter’s masking tape (glue won’t leave residue). When you arrive at trailhead you can rip off the tape and go riding. Tape it back up after ride. I’ve done this for my roof rack bike. Seems like a waste but is actually really quick and means you don’t have to store another piece of mountain bike tech – just a roll of tape. Also makes your bike less appealing to wannabe thieves. Cheers and see you on the trail.:)

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