whats your priority in mtb riding

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      I have to say  my priorities with riding are always changing with time and age. Take my posting name (killer climb) that was so true in its time and for sure can still lay down some climbs that will make some young question their skills . Now I seem to look at every ride as a experience but still learning and improving my skill. Muscle memory is very good to understand because its a big part of all sports and disciplines. I feel my priorities are to just doing it , wether its a climb or a downhill or just a lazy trail ride. I try not to set many goals anymore but to make sure i ride and not have any excuses for not riding.

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      For me, I like the technical stuff most, I kinda take it easy on the in-between stuff. I’m in no hurry, really.

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      I feel the sane way about the technical part  of riding. My climbs are slow but detailed almost like trials riding. Feet on pedals at a stand still then power out and up. Very rewarding stuff. Same  on downhills not on a 29 enduro but doing it the as best i can. Drops , gaps and rocks but the same, just at my own pace

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      Achieving something new. I can’t remember the last time I went riding just to ride. I always have goals in mind when I ride. Could be duration, pace, new skills, elevation, endurance, new environment, etc. It is all for the overall goal of staying fit the most challenging way possible.

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      Job number 1 is having fun. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s ok if I can’t top that hill today, as long as I am having fun being outside.

      Would it be more fun if I do, probably, and one day I will, but no one will know, or even care, but me.

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