What's wrong with my tyre?

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      I saw the below yesterday and have never seen this before on a bicycle tyre. My first thought is sidewall failure which based on my experience with motorbikes is caused by a lack of air pressure. But i’m not sure this is the reason because my pressure isn’t that low as i am running tubes and don’t want to risk a pinch flat. I don’t think anything has been scraping the sidewalls either. It is also on both sides on the tyre. The front tyre is fine. These particular tire’s i’m using are the Protection version so maybe this has something to do with it.

      Also while i have your attention, i am considering buying new tires and want to know how wide i can go for my particular bike. Is there a list somewhere i could look at? Or maybe someone has the same bike as me? I have always used skinny xc tires but now want something more traily to make things more cushy. My bike is a GT Zaskar Elite 9r:

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      It’s called wear and tear.  There’s only a thin layer of rubber on top of the sidewall.  Some brands/tires are more prone to this than others.

      Tires are very much a personal preference thing.  I’m sure you’ll get plenty of opinions.  My opinion:  for the best trail tire, go with a Maxxis DHF.

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      Yep, just wear and tear. Ride it until it explodes and then get something (preferably the cheapest possible) to replace it. Party.

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      Thanks guys. I just thought it was a bit odd that it wore on the sides instead of the contact area. I have to admit though that i have definitely got my monies worth out of them. 3 years of combined road and offroad use and they still have a pretty good tread. I have no problem buying premium instead of budget tires. But i cannot recommend these particular tires to anyone as they are nigh impossible to seal tubeless.

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      Wear and tear…you got three years out of those tires, awesome! Not a fan personally of continental’s MB tires, if you want a decent all around tire, Ardents are tough to beat for the price. If you want heavy duty, trail ripping tires, get a Minion DHF up front and a Minion SS or High Roller for the rear.

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      I just had to replace a set of road tires for the same reason. The rubber actually started flaking away, dry rot I guess.

      Not coincidentally, I recently started using this bike rack again, which I built based off Corey’s design.

      DIY Bike Storage Rack

      I have to slide the rear tire of my bike into the slot, which seem to accelerate the sidewall wear and tear. Each time I put a bike in or take one out, I think a little bit of the rubber comes off. 🙁 Oh well, I’ll probably switch to a saddle hang rack soon.

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      I have been thinking of making one of these. Thanks for the insight of the flawed design! The idea is sound but maybe change the width and height of the wheel slots.  The fit doesn’t need to be tight and you could also use foam or something similar to protect your bike.

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       The fit doesn’t need to be tight and you could also use foam or something similar to protect your bike.

      Based on my experience, the fit actually does need to be tight to keep the bike upright. Otherwise, bikes just lean to the side. This is the other issue: each slot has to be customized to a particular bike. I have one for my skinny tire road bike, another for my (currently) plus bike, etc.

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