What's in your pack for all-day, backcountry rides?

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      What items do you add to your backpack or frame bags for all-day, backcountry rides? If I start thinking about ALL the things that could potentially go wrong on a big, remote ride, I can sometimes talk myself into bringing too much. 🙂 Like the time I brought an extra derailleur on a bikepacking trip…

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      Bringing an extra derailleur may not be a terrible thing. I was on a back country ride last year and had one sheer off on me. That makes for a long walk. Luckily it happened early on so it was only a 10 mile walk.

      I bring 2 tubes, multi tool, co2 and pump, zip ties, tape, patch kit, tire levers, and a chain link(another hard lesson learned there).

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        Start with mbcows list and add a rer der hanger, first aid kit, plenty of food, and a water filter so I can refill the hydration pack.


        I have broken actual ders before, but I won’t carry a new one.  When that happens, I simply break the chain and reconnect it on a middle gear and turn the bike into a single speed.  I used to carry spare spokes, but I always seem to break one on the rear wheel, drive side, so without a cassette pulling tool, I’m SOL anyway, so I stopped with that nonsense.


        If there’s any chance of the ride running late, I’ll also bring lights.

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      Dang, a 10 mile walk! That’s sounds miserable, especially in bike shoes pushing a bike. Well, hopefully you at least got to coast down the hills.

      Yeah, there’s always a chance someone will need a spare derailleur. But the same could also be said for a spare rim, an extra shoe, or a backup handlebar. Where do you draw the line?

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        Jeff, your spare rim comment got me laughing.   Mongolians can fix anything.  So one ride about two years ago, we had just gotten started and my friend majorly taco’ed his front rim in a big rut on the first big down hill.  The rim was a mess.  Three of those guys took turns for over an hour straightening out that rim by hand and by my mini-vice grips and mini-adjustable wrench.  When the accident happened, I thought the day was done.  Instead, my friend rode the next 15 miles or so on that rim, and we all had a good old time together.

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      .. and bear spray.

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      Anymore for all-day rides I’m always taking my camelbak with about 1.5 liters of water with a hydration tab. 2 packs of GU, Trail Mix, my Crankbros 19 tool multi-tool, Genuine Innovations Plug kit, some sort of inflation device (whether it be co2, pump or both), a spare Derailleur hanger, Extra Chain Master Link, and cellphone.

      If I’m racing ill just use a water bottle with a hydration tab, 2 packs of GU, Ill put my multi tool in the back of my jersey on one side and put the Plug Kit and CO2 inflator on the other side. Seems to keep the weight way down and just be enough for when I get into tight situations.  Also the center of gravity is a lot lower not having the extra weight from the camelbak tied on my back above the waist (maneuverability is a lot better).


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      Same this as my every-weekend 30 mile rides but might add a PB&J sandwich to the mix

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      Two tubes, multi tool, mini-pump, zip ties, tire levers, mini chain tool, beefy first aid kit, tweezers (wife fell on a cactus once), whistle, lights, water filter, snacks, rain jacket. I’ll add more or less depending on the ride, but if I know I’ll be more than a couple miles from help this is my bare minimum.

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