What's going on with the Five Ten shoe brand?

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      I recently heard that there may be a Five Ten supply shortage and decided to do a little research. Turns out the company was bought out in 2011 by Adidas but now it appears they may be rebranding or discontinuing the cycling line of products. I love my Freeriders both on and off the bike. Exceptional grip and stylish too. So I decided to grab another pair in case the rumors were true. Most popular websites show either “out of stock” or limited size/color options. Went to 3 different REI’s before I  bought the on display pair. So does anyone know what’s going on with my favorite shoe brand? Is this the end of Five Ten as we know it?


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      You can still buy them direct from their website for a hundred bucks. Pretty sure that’s what REI charges, too.

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      Surely they are a money maker (being the most popular MTB shoe brand), makes no sense to discontinue to me?

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        A lot of people ride mountain bikes, a fair amount have pretty expensive bikes, (not talking just people that show up on forums and take surveys, most don’t) most use flats, and most use what ever cheap brand of athletic shoe they wear everyday. Even the most popular brand of mountain bike shoe, is a very small market share. Some big companies just don’t care about small market shares.

        I have two mountain bikes, my new bike an Evil I put together myself, my old bike a Giant with a $1000 worth of mods on. I only ride flats, and I wear cheap Sketchers (I pay about $30 a pair for) and find they work as well for me as expensive 5-10s or any other dedicated mountain bike flats shoe. If I was riding clipless it would be a different story.

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      @Alvin Mullen Sure, any flat-soled Sketchers or skate shoes work fine for riding, but what will we wear when we go out clubbing and want to advertise that we’re super-rad mountain bikers?

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