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      I have a K24000 from the early stone age. Full suspension, old geometry but has worked for me. Took a couple of years off but want to get riding again more often. I’m in my early 50’s and in good shape. The problem is I can’t afford to spend $1000 plus on a new bike. Local shops say updated the components on the K2 not worth it. Not going to be racing just enjoying the ride and maybe getting the wife on trails too. Is there a decent 2-3 year old bike or frame I could watch for on Craigslist or bulletin boards that would be upgradeable to the 22nd century? I ride a lot of singletrack and am an aggresive rider for a geezer. Having trouble keeping up with or stopping with friends on new or even newer bikes. Any suggestions? Rode with a kid on a $15,000 bike the other day. Can’t do that. Have kids in college, a mortgage, etc. Thanks for your thoughts in advance. Ride on!

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