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      I have a quick question about riding clothes. I’m going to be riding this weekend in Brown County, IN, and the weather forecast calls for highs in the low 50s (we’ll be going in the morning, so likely it’ll be in the 40s). I’ve never really ridden when it’s been this cold, so I’m not quite sure how to dress. Should I buy tights, wear pants, or go with shorts? Also, how much layering should I do up top? I don’t really have any extra storage space in my pack if I decide to take layers off, though. Thanks for any advice!

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      Hey droc. I’m not an experienced cool/cold weather rider, but this year I don’t want to stop riding due to cooling temperatures. Like you, I am currently trying to figure out what clothing I’ll need so that I can continue riding as it cools down.

      This past weekend, I went for a ride and it was about 45 degrees when we started. I wore shorts (Fox Ranger), a short-sleeve technical shirt base layer, and a long-sleeve cotton shirt over it. I’ll admit, it felt pretty cool at the start. Once we got moving, everything warmed up except my toes. They were pretty cold by the end of the ride, so that tells me that I need to first focus on foot warmth. Also, with the cold air hitting my face, I had some trouble with watering eyes. I am thinking a pair of clear lenses would probably help.

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      I tend to base my winter items on layers,

      its about 13 degrees Celcius most of the day about 8 this morning here in london.

      the main problem is the wind so decent wind resistance would be the good way to go,

      presently i have scott 3/4 lengths and the jersey to match, chest base layer and thermal gloves.

      on top of that i have a light weight shell jacket for wind resistance and is also water proof, and some over trousers for water resistance although when wet tend to make my legs cold so i am experimenting with that bit.

      a thick pair of cotton socks seems fine with the spds i wear.

      if i get too hot the jacket and trousers are light and easy to roll and carry in my camelbak.

      i was thinking about full trousers instead of the shorts as leg warmers would be too tight and restrict my leg movement

      the main issue i have found is breathing the cold air, burning lung sensation and i have found that the pollution mask i wear helps with that, and dust on trails and when i am not wearing it it keeps my neck warm.

      the other thing for this time of year for the UK is low flying blinding sun light and the addidas space lens works wonders for that ideal riding glasses

      typically keep the torso warm and dry and the arms and legs will take care of themselves.

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      It’s 46 degrees here and I just barely got back from a ride in shorts and a jersey, nothing special there. When you get going you quickly warm up and you soon forget about it. In fact it’s a perfect match. But if you think you will be too cold still. Try wearing a long sleeve under the tee-shirt / jersey.

      I can get away with this because I’m used to the cooler weather. So it [i:2js2wbmx]may[/i:2js2wbmx] not be the solution for you.

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      For temps in the 40’s, I wear shorts and a regular jersey, with a nylon vest. I can unzip the vest if needed, and if I ultimately take it off it rolls up and stows under the top flap of my camelbak.

      Below 38 I wear tights and the vest, below 32 or so; tights, full jacket, long fingered gloves and something inside my helmet to block the wind.

      Disclaimer: I’m originally from Maine and pretty much impervious to cold.

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      Im born & raised in Miami Florida. So when its 57-60 im shaking like a scared little girl already

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      "Biohazard74" wrote

      Im born & raised in Miami Florida. So when its 57-60 im shaking like a scared little girl already


      Last summer when we rode Monarch Crest we got caught in a hail storm on the way down.

      Pea-sized hail hurts when you’re bombing down a fireroad at 30+ MPH!

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      LOL nice ! I been hit by hail standing still & it was not pleasant. I can’t imagine it at 30 mph

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      All the ATV’ers were hiding under trees and cheering us as we went by.

      Our theory was to haul ass and get below the storm, which did work out in fact.

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      I ride with a pack 90% of the time. As the temps start to cool off, this is what I usually do.

      Baggy-linered shorts
      Fox base S/S jersey with a long sleeve polypro style long underwear top under it.
      Long sleeve jersey (cannondale featherweight) or windshell in the pack.

      If I start to get too warm, I remove the long sleeve base layer. If I am not warming up, I put on the shell or the longsleeve jersey (usually removing the S/S jersey when I do so).

      I like this option, because at the end of the ride, as you cool off, or if you have to stop for a repair, it’s really nice to have another layer to throw on, to prevent over-cooling.

      Avoid cotton like the plague. Once it gets a little sweaty you will freeze and if you have to walk a long time (ie breakdown) or get lost, you will dramatically increase your potential for hypothermia.

      I’ve never ridden when it was so cold that I needed tights, but YMMV.

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      First of all, Enjoy Brown County. If you have never been the trails there are AWESOME. This time of year when the trees are turning it will be really nice.

      I reside in Houston, so when I visit the home stead in IN I usually have to be prepared with Warmer Gear.

      I start with a sleeveless base breathable t-shirt and my shorts. Then Pending the Temp, I either add a long or Short Sleeve Jersey. As the temp drops I may add arm and leg warmers. I try to keep the core warm and then everything else works out.

      If you are up there this weekend it will be cool but not fridgid. On the Trails at BC there will not be any real wind issues other than a couple of exposed spots. Typically I like my arms and legs to breath so I avoid covering them untill it gets cold. If you are warm standing in the parking lot you have too much cloths on. Remember you will warm up as you work around the trail.

      If the trails are wet you may want to use some polypropylene or wool socks to help keep you toes toasty. Thye will have a tendency to get cold.

      Also bring some dry sweats and Jacket to change into or put on when you are done. Thats when you will really get chilled.

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      Here in Alaska 40’s are perfect fall riding weather. I usually wear shorts, a short sleeve "Under Armor" shirt with a long sleeve Under Armor shirt over it. If I get too hot the long sleeve shirt comes off and easily fits into my camelbak. Eye protection is something I always wear; it’s good to have a pair of comfortable glasses with both dark and clear lenses. I usually wear full fingered gloves not matter the time of year.

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      "JDH" wrote

      Here in Alaska 40’s are perfect fall riding weather. I usually wear shorts, a short sleeve "Under Armor" shirt with a long sleeve Under Armor shirt over it.

      When I go snowshoeing or any other winter type sport, that’s kinda my boat.

      Under Armour 3.0 Crew

      Under Armour 3.0 Legging

      These are a great base layer, and all the positive reviews you read are true! If the price is a little steep for you, you can go down a level and get like the 2.0 or 1.0

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