What to upgrade (under $150) on GT Agressor Comp

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      I know it’s not ideal but own a GT Agressor Comp that I got before I really got into riding trails. I don’t do anything crazy but my factory loaded back tire is loosing its tread fast. I need a replacement! Any ideas? I’m thinking Maxxis DHR ii??</p>
      I ride mostly flatter trails with all types of ground (hardpack to rock).


      Also, I don’t have the money for a new bike and would like to ride this as long as possible. What other upgrades should I add? It has all the factory things but I did upgrade the pedals and had to replace the shifters. Maybe add a front tire and convert the whole thing to tubeless?

      Any thoughts??

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      Tubless is the way to go. Pedals, grips, saddle are some things you can get for around $150.

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      You got a bike and are hitting the trails so that is great. It feels almost like you are apologizing for your bike. Ride it proudly and enjoy it. Now for thoughts on upgrades. Tubeless tires is a great idea. I didn’t know a lot about tires and still figuring them out but I wanted a tough tire and was willing to deal with less traction for a tire that would wear out or puncture. I told my LBS I wanted something like a tank tread and they sold me a Maxxis Ardents with tan walls not extra cost. They seem to be what I was looking for and not wearing fast, plus have a sweet look. My guess is once you go tubeless you will wonder why you didn’t buy in sooner. This was my experience.  Your decision for better pedals was wise. Upgraded mine this last year and totally blown away by the difference it made in the feel and my riding. I also upgraded my handlebars on my bikes this last year and that has been super cool. I wanted something a bit wider and with some more rise. Was great for me. Not claiming wider and more rise is always better but is there a feel you would rather have? I am still building my mid level hard tails up and enjoying each step.

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      Looks like you’re on the right track on sensible upgrades to your bike.  Tires and touch points almost shouldn’t be considered “upgrades” as much as just making the bike work for you. On that note, new grips can make a world of difference for a relatively small price.

      If, for whatever reason, a tubeless conversion just doesn’t work for you (some lower-end wheels just don’t cooperate) I’ve heard good things about the Tannus Armour tube liners (about $40 each).  I don’t personally have any experience though.

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      tires, tubeless and a dropper are my top 3. pedals also make a huge difference. you dont want to do big upgrades like fork or drivetrain.

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      The upgrade I would do most is new tires.  I wouldn’t use the DHR’s unless you ride a lot of steep and rough.  Minions are more of an Enduro tire.  Enduro tires are great on steep rocky descents but heavy and slow rolling everywhere else.  Normally, I would recommend 2.6 tires, especially for a Hardtail, but I don’t think your rims are wide enough for 2.6.  Instead, use 2.4 Trail tires like Maxxis Ardents or Maxxis Rekons.  You will see a huge improvement in performance with wider more aggressive Trail tires.  I’ve found great deals on tires at ChainReactionCycles.com, JensonUSA.com, and other online bike shops.   Currently, you can get 29×2.4 Continental Trail King tires for $40 at JensonUSA.com.

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      Thanks for all the great replies!! What do you guys think about these??


      Not sure what it looks like at your end but it is an amazon link for 27.5 X 2.4 trailKing tires for $39. They are shield wall folding tires.


      I don’t know what the shield wall is but they seem to be tubeless compatible. I don’t ride really gnarly stuff so will these work? Thanks again!!

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