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      First of all, I can’t post this on any other forum because I really don’t know what to ask for. Here’s my request. I’m a casual rider from Pennsylvania, 58 years old and too old for radical play on a bike. I do both off road and street riding with my old Schwinn (High Plains…Made In The USA) but it’s old…probably late 80’s early 90’s. I’d like a suspension bike but don’t know whether I should get full or just front. I like the looks of the Gary Fisher models. The Level Betty and Joshua designs, but know nothing about them. Somebody said the Level Betty is a tricked out Kmart bike…meaning cheap.

      Any bike I’d buy here would have to be shipped.

      What do you all think and any suggestions would be helpful.


      Ray Bayer

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      I personally love the Gary Fisher bikes. If you are just going to ride on smooth or easy trails and streets I would recommend sticking with a hardtail (front suspension) bike. If you think you might want to ride on rocky, rooty, bumpy trails then the full suspension may be worth it for comfort. The hardtail will run you less money. Not sure what price range you are looking at but there are several good bikes (Fisher and others) in the under $800 group. There are some decent entry level bikes in the $400 -$500 range. Look at the G2 hardtail bikes from Fisher. You could also check out Trek and Specialized. Good luck and if you have any other questions let us know.

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      +1 for specialized

      The Rockhopper makes for a great all-around bike and can be gotten pretty reasonably

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      +2 for SPECIALIZED

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      2 Years ago I got into this crazy hobby and I bought a Schwinn Rocket 88. Traded up once and kept the new one fairly stock. Affordable bike and it has yet to let me down. Even the Specialized (son has one) and the Trek bikes are all made in China anymore. Still good bikes but they have given up on the good ‘ol USA too. Good luck!

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      Just for the record most bike company’s frames are made in Taiwan i.e. GT, Specialized, Trek, Gary Fisher etc.
      Too much or too little I think is a thing to take into consideration. If you know you have no intention of going on trails with obstacles etc. it is my opinion that a full suspension bike is a bit too much. I think a good hardtail with front suspension would do just fine. There are many options but I agree that a Specialized Hardrock, Trek 3900, Gary Fisher Advance are fairly inexspensive yet good quality hardtails. Also you can always buy a more comfortable seat, as I know some people who are older find most mountain biking seats to be uncomfortable. With a bike like that you will be good to crusie around and hit some smooth trails and even some more difficult if it should stike you.

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      +3 specialized. i have a hardrock and it’s been great. 😃

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      I’ve put literal thousands of miles on my specialized rockhopper, and it’s still as solid as the day I bought it.

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      In the style of riding you are looking at there are probably 50 brands that can fit your needs. And at a reasonable cost. If you are wanting "Made in the USA" at that level good luck, Almost everything is Tiwan and china. Don;t look at that as a negative on quality.

      Some not so well known brands to consider: Moots, Marin (A Favorite of Mine) Ibis, Ven Dessel. If everything has to be shipped anyway you may want to get on line and look at the Performance Bicycle house brand as well.

      Happy riding

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      +4 specialized.

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      The Joshua and the Level Betty are 10 year old single pivot designs, which I would NOT recommend.

      If I were looking for a solid, affordable FS bike I’d look at Giant (Yukon FX), Kona (One20), and Trek (Fuel EX5).

      PA has some pretty gnarly terrain (lots of rocks and roots), especially in Central PA.

      A 4" type bike can be pretty light, and really makes tough rides more comfortable.

      Plan to spend in the neighborhood of $1000 – $1500 new, and prices vary widely for used.

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