What size Specialized Epic?

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      Hi All,
      I’m about to purchase a new Epic Expert and need some advice on sizing.
      I plan on racing,
      I’m 5’10
      Inseam is 32.5
      and like long walks in the park.
      I’ve raced on the road for too many years but do not have a clue about MTB fitting.
      I test road both the M and L
      The large felt a bit big and the M felt a bit small; what to do?
      If I’m racing should I go for the smaller more compact feel, or the more stretched out feel. Both did not feel bad; any help would be great.

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      I find myself in the same predicament between a L and an XL. A different length stem and different seat position can adjust a lot of things but the space in the ‘cockpit’ is kind of essential- the amount of space between about a 2 o’clock pedal position and the headset (how your leg fits in this space).
      Myself I can go either way but after some research on the subject I find most riders that want to ride a bit aggressive such as racing like yourself will opt for the smaller/quicker handling frame.

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      Well i am 5’9" and a bit and i find that a medium works well on occasion i go to a large but then i get a shorter stem and move the seat forward…But for you i would have to say hop on each and feel them out see if you feel too stretched out on the XL…I was just checking out the web sight and to me i feel that 2" on the seat tube and 1 3/4" on the top tube is a bit much specially looking at the medium size which i fit nicely into. The medium which is just a bit to small for you compared to the XL is 4" both in seat tube as well as the top tube 3" difference….

      Personally and i have fit many people on bikes….I feel that you should stick to a large..Specially if your a person who is proportional in arm/leg/torso lengths. I think if you get an XL you would not be happy….The bike would feel to large.


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      I forgot to add this.

      If you get the large you would probably have to down size the stem about 10- 15mm as well as play with the saddle location to get the right position with your legs…..Drop a plumb line from the knee and have the foot at 3 o’clock position…. Will know when you have it right the plumb line will just touch the toe…That will position your body to the seat….Then see how you feel as far as reach…Play with the stem extension and bar width.


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      I had just been riding a Specialized epic. Im 5’10" with a 32.5 inseam as well, I love the epic in the large frame, a little more of a racey lay out position, but lots of standover room. You would probably feel fairly comfortable on either size!!

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