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      Hello everybody! I wanted to update the bike this year, but the situation is not very good, because of the pandemic I lost about 40% of my income. So I’m thinking, should I buy a bike cheaper or a used one (very used) or postpone the purchase for the next year? But the situation in the world is not getting better, I am afraid that next year prices will be much higher.

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      Given the increased demand and the decreased supply as a result of the coronavirus, new bikes are going to be hard to get and especially so if you are trying to buy a bike that is popular. I don’t see this situation changing in 2021. Maybe things will get better in 2022?

      I wanted to buy a Specialized Epic Evo but it never came to my LBS in the size and build that I could afford. Also the price went up in the last 2 months and you can be sure the shop won’t be giving any discounts. I also wanted to try a Transition Spur but they were all sold out before the bike was even released. People were buying them without even test riding. Both shops said they expected more bikes in the late spring 2021 but they weren’t making any promises.

      However, there are still bikes in shops but not necessarily the ones you want. My LBS had a whole bunch of Scott Sparks which is similar to the Epic Evo and Spur but not quite as good geometry wise. My recommendation to you is to buy a bike that is similar to the bike you want but maybe in a lower priced build if that is all you can afford. However, don’t stop riding. It could be a couple of years before this situation gets sorted. Just keep going to the bike shops until you can find a bike you can live with. Don’t get hung up on having a specific bike. If I didn’t already have a bike, I would probably buy a Scott Spark. Riding a less than ideal bike is better than not riding at all!

      For myself, I’m going to upgrade the wheels and tires on the bike I already have. I’ll be giving my bike all the maintenance it needs–shock, fork, drivetrain, etc. It’s likely I’ll be riding this bike for another 1-2 years. Maybe things will get better by the spring 2022? However, I’ll keep checking my LBS’s. You just don’t know when a bike you want is doing to show up!

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      It sounds like you have a bike.  If I was in a situation of losing 40% of my income,  my decision would be just live with what I have.  New stuff is cool, but I wouldn’t enjoy it as much if I were financially stressed to pay for it.

      I have read that the industry is responding to the increase in demand with increased capacity, I think that will offset your future price concerns to some degree.

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