What % of your MTB rides require getting in the car?

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      These days I probably only drive to MTB rides 20% of the time. Driving to better trails costs me at least an hour and a half in total travel time, which I’d rather spend riding, even if the local trails I ride aren’t the best. Fortunately there is plenty of singletrack within riding distance of my house near Atlanta.

      Curious to hear how often others drive vs. ride to go mountain biking…

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      I drive to ride a lot. For me it’s part of the whole experience. There are some trails I can ride to from my house, but in the summer they’re covered in spider webs and poison ivy, so that kinda sucks the fun out of it. What ends up happening is I ride my road bike more during the week and drive to better trails on the weekend.

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      Depends on the time of year and what kind of mood I’m in 🙂 Especially during the summer, I drive to ride quite a bit, but that’s because it’s required to get to the real goods way up high in the mountains. It may add windshield time, but it’s worth it!

      One thing I try to do to reduce my total weekly drive time: combine an MTB ride with something else. Whether it’s going to the grocery store, the coffee shop, or even the airport, there’s no end of opportunities for combining a ride with other errands. So while maybe I’m still driving, it’s not actually adding any additional windshield time JUST to ride.

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      100% in the truck to the trails.  Unfortunately, the closest trail is about 9 miles away and the route is extremely busy with  interstate traffic???? with no bike-friendly alternative routes.  I’m just used to it.

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      100% which I’m ok with.  I enjoy the trip out and use the return to drink coffee and enjoy the relative silence before getting back with family.

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      Unfortunately 100%….nearest legal trails are 16miles away.  I admit I am a bit uneasy about burning dino-juice to “get out with nature.”…so I don’t think about it until someone brings it up. –Thanks, Jeff.  🙁

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      100%, but my main haunt is only 15 min away.  Others range from 35 to and hour drive.  Someday I’ll go right out my back door to ride.

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      In Mongolia maybe only 30% of the time in the car.  In Colorado maybe 70% of the time.  If I drive out with some friends, oftentimes I’ll ride the roads home to get in some extra miles.  Usually, at least one other person will join me.

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      I could ride to my local, but it adds 10 miles and I don’t care for road riding too much (I was hit as a teenager, that’s when I took to the MTB). My other rides are mixed in with my travel for work. I just keep my bike in the car.

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      100% if I’m not on vacation. Some vacations, like Sedona, allow me to ride right from the condo.

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      With a hundred miles of great singletrack accessible from the house, I don’t need to drive every.  However, since I love exploring new-to-me trails, I end up driving a lot.  It used to be around 60%, but lately has fallen to closer to 25% as I’m starting to exhaust the possibilities that are within a reasonable day trip.

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      50% I moved to the west side of town so I could be closer to bike trails before or after work, but on the weekends I like to drive out to explore trails further away that I haven’t ridden before.

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      Unfortunately I only have access to 1 local trail (Roaring Run in Apollo, PA) I usually ride to the trail head which is only 1.3 mi from my house.  The other closest trail is about a half hr away (boyce Park) which really isn’t the greatest ride since its pretty flat. Most of the good trails are atleast an Hour drive both ways.  So it would be nice to have other closer options…

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      100% in the truck to the trails, but I have several choices within 30 minutes drive of the house.

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      Maybe 10%. I have Blanket’s Creek in my backyard and Rope Mill is about a 15-minute bike ride away so I am a bit spoiled but I like the fact that I don’t have to drive to those trails.  However, it is completely worth it to drive up to the N. Georgia mountains for about an hour for a multi-hour MTB ride.  I usually like to ride for twice as long as I drive as a rule of thumb. The furthest I will drive for a day trip is about 2 hours to Chattanooga’s Raccoon Mtn., also well worth the drive.

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