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      I was running new balance cross sneakers for a year and they did the job. I did a little riding with my g-bike clipless setup and it was definitely a completely different ride. After going back to flats santa brought me a pair of five ten freeriders and  they are the bomb. Very close to being clipped in. If  only I would a have purchased a pair of these a year ago. One of the best upgrades I did thus far

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      I have used multiple different old workout shoes. I have found CrossFit shoes have been my favorite so far. Upgrading to good flat pedals made a big difference having a bigger platform and good pins. Made my ride totally different with quality pedals.

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      Five Ten Freerider Pro for me.

      Combined with OneUp Aluminum flat pedals, I’m in love.

      Very supportive pedaling platform, almost clipped in feeling with all the benefits of a flat pedal.

      I only run my clip less pedals and Shimano XC90 combo on my gravel bike (Niner RLT 9 RDO).

      And yes, Gravel bikes are awesome!

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      5 10 Guide Tennies.

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      Just some older trail shoes for now.

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      Five tens are my first choice. I also use any shoe with a Vibram sole and small lugs. Merrell shoes for example. I also ride on wide platform studded pedals.

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      After using Mavic MTB shoes for years I switched to Five Tens three years ago……I will be returning to Mavics (or maybe Shimano) this season. For me, the Five Tens are just too flexible, the laces are exposed (which has gotten me in trouble with my chainring several times) and God help you if you need to walk up any muddy or wet incline in them, I usually take them off and hike up in my bare feet to gain traction.

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      FiveTens all the way! Any of their flat pedal shoes are great. It’s their “Stealth” rubber that gives them the edge over other shoes. Like others here have said, with good pedals it almost feels like you’re clipped in. I’ve tried other brands of flat shoes but nothing seems to be as grippy as the FiveTens. They are super durable too.

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      I still think Five Tens are the best flat shoes you can buy, although I ride clipped in and run Shimano ME7s in summer and MW7s in winter. Awesome combo.

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      Five-Tens are my shoe of choice hands-down.  Combined with a set of OneUp Composite Pedals, they are tough to beat.

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      I am running Shimano MT3.  They are pretty good.  I do plan an trying the Mavics next time.  The Mavics seem to be a little more comfortable when I recently tried them on in the store.

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      Freerider Eleements for flats and a pair of Shimanos when clipped.

      Anyone have any experience with Ride Concepts shoes???

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      I am currently running five ten falcons and shimano AM5’s. They are both light and comfortable, both are set up with cleats for

      my crank brothers pedals. i set up two bikes with crank bros pedals, so i can jump between bikes wearing each shoe. Nice set up.

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      Steve, invest in some kneepads. Just sayin’.

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        LOL i have 2 sets of knee pads, for some reason i went out that day w/o them, and hit a hidden sink hole that put me on my ass…Go figure!

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      Summetime on trails its been five tens for years. Thinking about trying one of the other options like giro, ride concepts or keens (if theyre still made) eventually. For pavement to mixed terrain in the city a pair of vans and composite bmx pedals treated me quite well and werent a complete toss when cornering and pedal striking pavement (fixed riding goes fast). In the winter I have kona flats and I wear hikers with a vibram sole. The boots are great for the one off the bike in snow and keep my feet warm while I can lock the pedal in place just before the heel. Eventually wouldnt mind having a long distanve bike with clipless pedals for sure would run does just for bearing life and longevity overall.

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      I bought a pair of the Bontrager flats from the LBS.  I was surprised at the good price and how much I like riding with them. They definitely have the gummy sole which is nice for hike a bike and gripping the pedals.


      They are a bit of a crazy color (orangish red, I am normally a subdued color guy),  but I ripped the other shoes I was riding and had a big ride happening the next day.  Luckily they had my size and they are decent shoes.

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      Everybody keeps posting about 5 10s. Yes they are great shoes but I feel as if they are becoming Nike or Adidas of the MTB world (along with the price). I got a pair of Ion’s for $45 and before I saw those on the wall I was just about to say yes to the 5 10 freeriders. Then the price of the Ion’s caught my eye and I tried them on. Not only are the soles a lot stiffer, I also feel as if they are grippier as well.


      10/10 would recommend.

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      “…they are becoming Nike or Adidas of the MTB world”

      Well, maybe because Adidas bought them last year 🙂

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      I use Sketcher Vigor 2.0. I find they are work well biking and hiking and lots cheaper. I even used them at a down hill park when raining with no problems on my Raceface Chester pedals. I actually have several pairs and wear them for almost everything, I have even wore them playing golf.

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      Ziphead valid point and funny.

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