What Maxxis tires do you recommend for Moab?

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      Question from the Singletracks help desk.

      Anyone have suggestions?

      IMO, it really depends which Moab trails are being ridden. Minion SS tires could be a good choice since they will roll fast on slickrock but still offer good cornering traction in the loose stuff. But then there are some REALLY loose spots where full on Minions might be a better choice…

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      I’ve run everything from Ardents, Nobby Nics, Continental Mountain Kings to such lightweight options as the Vittoria Saguaro and never had an issue. I haven’t been to Moab since the Aggressor came out but that’s on the rear of all my bikes now and wouldn’t change it for a trip to Moab…or anywhere else for that matter. As far as the front and sticking with Maxxis, people seem to be happy riding with the full range from Forekaster to DHF. Me? I’d probably run a DHF and be done with it.

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      I will have to say I use minion SS on rear and dhf on the front.  That is pretty much my go to, as it even works really well here in Colorado springs.

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      Is there anywhere a Minion DHF on the front doesn’t do at least an adequate job? 🙂 Sometimes I almost wish they weren’t as good as they are! Almost…

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      Plenty of sand in Moab, so wider is probably better. Try 2.5-2.8 tires for plenty of flotation. Lots of slickrock but slickrock is not slick for tires. Any tires are like glue on slickrock. Many goathead thorns, especially in town and some cactus thorns when out of town. Best to be set up tubeless and carry lots of spare tubes. You’ll also encounter many ledgey, sharp, square edged hits. So make sure your tires have durable casings and don’t set tire pressures too low. So wide tires with durable casings set up tubeless is my pick. I would probably then pick a tire that would also work well were I live ’cause I’m going to want to keep using those tires when I get back home. Maxxis has so many choices that are wide, durable, and tubeless. I would let my home trails be the deciding factor.

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