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      Yesterday during our ride at Swatera Park my friend had a malfunction with his front derailleur. A rock bounced up and jammed it into his chainring. As we stopped to examine the situations several other mountain bikers stopped and asked if they could help. They figured out how to get us going again. They could have rode past us, trying to break their Strava KOM. But they took the time to help. This is a common theme I see in our community. I have been associated with several hobbies and the folks in MTBing are by far the friendliest. Sure cool bikes and amazing gear is fun in our sport. But what makes us unique and special is US.

      Thanks to those guys who helped us Sunday at Swatera State Park Pennsylvania

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      I agree that MTB riders are generally very helpful and polite to each other. I know we always ask if riders have everything they need when we see them “broken down” along the trail. Luckily, one of our group is a MTB McGyver and can fix almost anything.

      What makes mountain biking great to me is being able to get outside in the middle of nowhere in beautiful lush green forests or one a deserted red rock desert mesa and then get a huge rush but hauling a$$ through a chicane of aspen trees or dancing cleaning through a garden of rock obstacles just looking to take you down. Ahhh….the high speed rush of success. No need for recreational stimulants for me. MTB in the right place does all I need. The fact that I’m getting in a good workout at the same time is a bonus as well.


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      NO CARS


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      Being outside, the thrill of conquering a climb or rough downhill and just the rush I get from being on 2 wheels.

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      I love it for many reasons

      1) exercise that is fun. This is one of the few things I do, that the enjoyment outweighs the fact that I am sweat (only one other thing that compares to that 😉

      2) it is yin yang… the spin of zen. Most of all I like the work and relax aspect of the ride. Work up the hill, thrill on the way down

      3) I really like being in the forest. My knees can’t handle tall mountains, so cycling is good for access. Short of a ski hill most Mt. Bike trails here are not extreme elevation changes.. so I am in my comfort zone and with the increased access of a bicycle, so much more environment to enjoy.


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      The after-ride scotch pretty much does it for me.

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      For me, what makes Mountain Biking GREAT:

      – Pushing myself to new limits, i.e. making a tough climb that was once a hike-a-bike, clearing obstacles that once seemed insurmountable, nailing a drop I wouldn’t have dared to consider riding previously, etc.

      – The rush one gets from the above, especially at speed, and always most enjoyable with AIR

      – The serenity of the trails

      – Passing younger guys on the climbs

      – Chasing rabbits off the trail

      – The sub-culture of the MTB community

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