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      Hey everyone, I was just wondering what some of your favorite trails are. I’ll let you guys go first, all share mine later. 😃

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      I’d have to say Happy Jack in Laramie, WY, just because its a 30 mile network that has a little of everything and you can link it up many different ways.

      The stuff in Moab and Fruita is great, but that’s not very helpful now is it?

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      lately it’s been Lair o’ the Bear in Kitteridge, Co. But oll time would be Soverign Trail or Porc. Rim in Moab

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      I like long, fun cross-country rides, and the ones that really satisfy me are the Colorado Trail from Kenosha Pass to Breckenridge and the South Boundary Trail in Taos. Of course you can’t beat Fruita and Moab as great areas to do lots of different kinds of trails.

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      I rode on the Colorado Trail from Kenosha Pass to Georgia Pass once. Is that close to what you are talking about Bonked?

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      Yup, that’s the place. The ride up to Georgia Pass is nice, but the cruise down the other side is awesome!

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      I found the ride up Georgia Pass was long a grueling, but well worth the ride down on the way back.

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      Well lets see… i’d have to say the one that stimulates the most senses (fear, speed, pain, exhilaration…)
      i’d have to say up ‘Hurting Gator’ to the ‘House of Dreams trail’, across ‘Tight Rope’ then down ‘Left Post’. Hurting Gator= steepest 2.25 mile ride i’ve been on so far. House of dreams trail=Pleasant mix of Techinal single track with fast clean smooth single track. Tight Rope= up and down hill single track that’s quite technical. ‘Left Post’ = very technical down through a mountain into the valley crossing a rocky creek several times with some tough switchbacks and narrow passages and some logs to go over and even some downed trees to go under(watch your head!) we have a standing bet on this one that anyone of our gang who makes it with out touching down twice or going over the bars once gets dinner on the others!
      what’s awesome about Berry College is there are so many trails that 1, most people dont even know there are trails there, and even those of us who do dont know where they all are. every ride is a quest to find a new trail. "Wild at Heart" at its best.

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      Depends on where I am.

      If I’m in NC, then Tsali’s Right and Left Loops.

      In Georgia, my favorite trail is Bear Creek because you can’t beat the view from the Overlook and you can’t beat the ride back to the car. At least not without leaving the state.

      On the Front Range in Colorado, I’m partial to Hall Ranch. I just have some good memories about that place. I don’t care how crowded it is. I know there are dozens of better trails on the FR, but I like Hall. I can’t help it.

      On the Western Slope, I like the 18 Rd trails, particularly the Prime Cut/Kessel/Joe’s Ridge combo. Those trails are just outright fun. Again, I know there’s probably better trails in GJ or Crested Butte, even over in the Loma area. Heck I’ve ridden a lot of them. But the ones I always think about when heading out to CO are the 18 Rd trails.

      Of course any trail in Moab gets my blood pumping. Can’t really pick a fave there.

      Anyway, for what it’s worth…..

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      Since I just turned 16 I don’t have my licence yet so I’m pretty limmited to the closest trail system the John Muir trails in WI. I’m hoping to get onto more trails. I did take a trip to Cleveland with my parents and a buddy just to ride at Ray’s MTB indoor park. That place is pretty cool. Check it out @ raysmtb.com. Has anybody else been there or herd about it?

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      So far my favorite has been Killer 3 in Manchester State Forest. But that’s an hour and fourty five minute driver…

      Locally in the Charleston, SC area the only trail is Marrington Plantation. Good thing its a good place to ride…

      My overall favorite trail was a trail near Scotsdale Az., in the Tonto National Forest. I don’t know the name of the trail, but it was by far the best ride I’ve ever taken. Not only was the terrain beautiful, but the indian paintings and artifacts were incredible too…If I ever return to AZ, I’ll be sure to get the name of the trail and post it here…

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      My favorite trail that I ride on the front range has to be Indian Creek. There are some good climbs and the downhill parts are fun and have a lot of flow.

      My favorite ride in the mountains is Vail Mountain, because it is a god climb to the top, and there are some really fun downhills there.

      My favorite ride in Moab is either Slickrock or Porcipine. The views alone are enough to make them a great trail, add in the terain on either one, and their amazing.

      My favorite place to ride has to be the 18 road area in Fruita. All the trails there are great and have amzing flow. My favorites there so far, have to be Chutes and Ladders and Joe’s Ridge. I haven’t done Zippity yet though, probably going to do that sometime this summer when I go to visit my Uncle, Aunt and cousins. 😃 😃 😃

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      Gotta be Fountainhead in Lorton, VA. Designed and created by mountain bikers, it’s like a playground! Always well maintained and a blast to ride.

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      Motorcycle Hill (under the radar totaly) and North Course in New Mexico.

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      My favorite is The Chutes in Colorado Springs, even though that doesn’t mean much given how mant I’ve ridden…

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      Gooseberry is my all time favorite because it’s so technically fun and wild. Little Creek nearby is damn near as good. At times you’ll feel like you’re being flushed thru the many stunts.
      McKenzie River Trail is #1 for beauty and is technical as well. When it’s hot, McKenzie Rules.
      Descending, Downieville and Noble Canyon. History and emotion, Sand Canyon Trail, Cortez Colorado.

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      I would have to Marys’ Loop/Horsethief Bench in Loma CO. tons o fun

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      Favorite all-time trail…..
      That would be Neustadt/Weinbiet, including the rock-garden near the Wolfsburg ruins…. In Germany, of course.
      The entire area is criss-crossed with trails ranging from greenways to triple-black-diamond; from contour-following, to screw-this-straight-up. And the Pfalz mountain trail system is so developed that it’s possible to ride a century in the same 20km area, and never lay tire on the same patch of trail twice. Several castle ruins are in the Neustadt area, often times you’ll crest a brutal climb and find yourself at a summer imbiss (snack-stand), selling wine-beer-sausage-&-sweets.
      But part half of the ride is the after as well….. If you’ve got no place to bask in the post-ride glow, then that kills it…. 😏
      Neustadt itself is considered the wine capital of Germany, and it was not destroyed during WW2. That leaves it with a large number of ancient buildings that still house storefronts & eateries.
      On the marktplatz there’s an Italiano Pizzaria that makes the best damn pizza & gnocchi.

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      Thanks for all the feed back, and if you haven’t posted yet share your favorite trail.

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      favorite trail,hmmmmmmmm.well, i’ve ended up at mathews/winters more than any other trail so far and theres several other trails just as close.i like to ride once or twice a week and mathews/winters has a middle loop(lollie pop) that isnt a monster climb(good for after work) and theres technical rock with switchbacks.i think its my favorite trail because i keep riding it and it challenges me everytime i go.i feel that it has everything that i need to keep getting better at my skills.theres drop in turns that require a strict line to take at speed,theres also a few boulders the size of a large dinner table might be climbed over if a rider had the right attitude and skills to make it up and over.theres a dozen or so challenges on this trail that keeps me comin back to keep tryin to get better.

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      so far the most enjoyable trail I’ve been on is a nice smooth but technical singletrack at deep run park that runs along a chainlink fence. nice, smooth dirt, with the occasional rooted section, and a nice mix of shorter downhills and climbs and a few log crossings along the way. nice little trail, if not a bit short. at the corner of the chainlink fence this trail is crossed by another trail that descends by the chainlink fence but is extremely rockey and technical, with a few trails that split off from it. potentially fun on a longer travel bike but on a 4" travel bike without clipless pedals it’s positively evil. crossing one of the "offramp" trails is yet another rockey descent, although it isn’t as rockey as the rockey downhill that runs by the chainlink fence. right when it crosses the "offramp" trail it has a VERY steep (near vertical infact) descent followed by a small hill and a very rooted in hill that doesn’t really lead anywhere. I’m sure that Northbank and Bell isle would be better, tho

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      Michigan: Yankee Springs State Park. 13 miles of fast, smooth, flowing singletrack.

      Durango: Chapman Hill to Horse Gulch to the Telegraph climb followed by the white knuckle Anasazi decent.

      San Luis Obispo, CA. : Montana de Oro State Park. Steep climbs and fast downhills comprise a vast network of trails covering the headlands overlooking the Pacific.

      Arkansas: Next week… 😃

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      I would vote Addison or Michigan Tech has my favs.

      Tech is just a fun trail

      Addison is flat out fast, and the better you know the faster you get and more fun you have.

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      If you haven’t tried the Monarch Crest Trail near Poncha Springs, CO yet – you need to.

      In Moab, Porcupine Rim (since you can start from a higher elev. and cut out the 5 mile climb at the start) or Amasa Back – totally cool technical descent.

      I was in Tahoe this summer and portions of the Tahoe Rim Trail were incredibly fun as was "Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride".

      Otherwise my favorite trail is whatever gets me out on my bike! 😆

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