What is your favorite trail in New York?

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      New York is a big, diverse state so I suspect there will be at lot of opinions on this. Based on Singletracks member reviews, these are the five most popular:

      • Lippman Park
      • West Side Overland
      • Stewart State Forest
      • Glacial Ridge Preserve
      • Blue Mountain Reservation

      For those who live in New York or who have ridden here extensively, what are the “must-ride” trails in the state?

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      Definitely the Hardy rd. Trails in Wilmington.

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      Out here on LI we have some real gems. Glacier Ridge, East Setauket, Rocky Point and Manorville Hills*. These are all great single track (*has 2-track at beginning) and each has it own features. Thanks to Climb’s Trail Stewards, we have choices that continue to evolve and challenge.

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      Shindagin Hollow – just outside of Ithaca NY

      Ellicottville Loop IMBA Epic – apprx 40miles south of Buffalo.

      Honorable Mentions:

      Tryon Park – Rochester, NY (a short but deceptively treacherous little trail, which can be a pro or con depending upon your risk tolerance)

      Letchworth State Park – Mt Morris (nice trail 21mi each way with dramatic scenery along the Genessee River )

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        Tryon, the Wetlands, and Irondequoit Bay Park west are three trails that are all right near each other and are a lot of fun (and different) to ride.

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      Yes would have to give the Ellicottville trail network another nod.  In addition to the network you also have access to trails at Holiday Valley and Holimont ski areas.  Finally, you get to finish to day in the lovely town of Ellicottville.

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      Check out Ontario County Park at Gannet Hill in Bristol, NY (Canandaigua Lake).  You can rent a cabin for $30 a night… ride two days and not get bored!!



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      Dryer Road Park in Victor, NY has come along nicely and is about to get a big upgrade this spring.

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