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      As we all know, bikes are expensive. And they seem to only be getting expensiver (not a real word). John just reviewed an $8,500 KTM hard tail: http://www.singletracks.com/blog/mtb-reviews/test-ride-review-ktm-myroon-prestige/

      That’s likely out of reach for most of us, or if we did have that kind of scratch laying around, we wouldn’t spend it on a hard tail.

      What I want to know is, what’s the most you’ve ever paid for a mountain bike?

      I’ll go first, but the problem is I’ve only ever bought one complete mountain bike in my life. The rest have been built up piece-by-piece. My current and most favorite bike is also the one I’ve put the most money into, a 2014 Kona Process 153. I would estimate that I’ve got between $3,000 and $4,000 into that bike.

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      Every bike I’ve ever bought has been used via eBay or CL.  The most I paid for a complete bike is $600.  My current ride is a Cannondale Scalpel replete with knockoff carbon and ghetto tubeless.

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      Yeah, it’s been a while since I bought a complete bike but the last one I bought cost about $1800 (hardtail.)  Of course the next bike I purchased cost more than that JUST FOR THE FRAME so things are definitely getting expensiver. 🙂

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      Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever purchased a mountain bike with my own $$. I’ve bought plenty of bike parts over the years, as well as a complete road bike, but a whole mountain bike? Don’t think I’ve done it. I started off on a bike that I inherited, my first full suspension bike was when I was a broke college freshman, and I was going to pay back my Dad the $800 price, but I don’t think I ever did 😳 From then on out I’ve had sponsorships or review gear 🙂

      However, we did pick up a new bike for Summer (my wife) a couple years back. It was right as 27.5″ was going big, and since she’s a short 5′ 2″, we decided to shop around for a used 26er on the cheap. Ended up with an XT-equipped Santa Cruz Superlight that was in pristine shape for a mere $1,200. Made out like bandits on that one!

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      Like Schwim, I live off the Ebay. The most I’ve every paid for a bike was when i built my GT. A lot of the parts were old and done for, so I ended up totally and completely upgrading it with new, quality parts from Ebay for only $900 (Including original bike purchase). The only two parts I have ever not bought off of Ebay (not including easily wearing product like tires) were my GT’s rear wheel and front fork.

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      My Kona cost $3k, but like others, I’ve put together bikes since that have added up to quite a bit more!

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      Yikes….my Pivot Mach 6 came in at $6000 with tax…..

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      I bought a 2015 Giant Anthem SX for $3,000 this past January. I ride it in the mountains of southern PA — on fire roads, doubletrack, and old school technical singletrack — many times per week and the bike’s performed really well. I think it’s been worth every penny.

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      Most I’ve ever paid was my current bike, 2015 Giant Stance 2, got it for $1300

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      I recently picked up a  2015 Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon and did quite a bit of upgrading on it. So far I’m about $5500 into it. There are a few more things I would like to upgrade, but for now I feel like I’ve got an amazing bike.

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      I honestly don’t know. I bought an Enduro and a Camber EVO frame at the same time, then built the camber up over last winter. I’m pretty sure the EVO cost more than the Enduro, I just don’t know what the final number was. I do know it was worth every penny though!

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      $2000 NZD for my 2015 Kona Precept DL, plus the cost of an Hussefelt offset seat post to get the perfect fit.

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      about 150 bucks all i ride is department store bikes i dont ride nearly enough or as hard to see spending over 2 grand for a trek soft tail

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      I’ve never owned a high end bike till this year. I didn’t think that they were worth the money. Now that my wife gave me the ok to go all out for our budget, I find that they are worth every penny. The ride is so much smoother and easier that it really brings out the best out of you. My Trek Fuel EX 7 was $2,800 and will be the only one she will let me have. I can live with that!!!!!!!

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      I had been riding a Rocky Mountain that I bought in 2004 for 1,800.00, great bike. I just bought a Yeti SB5 XO1 for 7,400.00 plus a new computer, dropper post and shoes. I think it ended up around 8,400 with tax. I have a KTM 300 xc that I spent around 9,000.00 and it has a motor. 🙂 I already have 500 miles on my Yeti, I love it more everyday.

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      Paid a bit over $2k for my Stache 8.  The lady at the bike shop told me mountain biking was a great activity that was free  once I paid for the bike.   Since then I’ve bought a dropper seat post, two sets of tires, 3 chains, a backpack, helmet, goggles, a shorter stem,  shoes, pedal, computer, pump, mini tool, cassette, chain ring, bike rack, first aid supplies……need I continue;-).   Furthermore, I’ve traveled  to 14 states & 2 Canadian provinces to ride.  Donated $$$ and time to several bike clubs.   Totally worth every penny and drop of sweat!

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      5,000 for a Divinci Dixon RXC, 2,000 more for upgraded tires, wheels, stem, bars, & brakes. Best bike EVER!

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      I bought in 1999 a Specialized Rockhopper, used, for like 400€. Then, in 2013, I bought a BeOne Moko FS 140 for 1500,00€ and then spent like 1200-1400€ more on upgrades, only to find out the limit on this bike was the frame – it is a good mtb, but a medium quality one.

      I’m now a happy owner of a YT Industries Capra CF, paid 3700,00€. It makes a load of difference compared to my previous steed, and I wasn’t really convinced the difference would have been that noticeable. Components and frames within reasonable price range are really getting better with their price.

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      I too am in the basket of “never owning a high end.” Only here recently I picked up a Giant Reign on the + side of $1k….. ready to take the plunge on new shimano 1×11 due to shifting issues with the SRAM. So I will be about upwards $2k. That is the most ever spent on a bike… I do enjoy it.

      Side note: I just got my lady to pony up from her department store bike to  nice $600 Trek hard tail… were all moving up.

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        ready to take the plunge on new shimano 1×11 due to shifting issues with the SRAM

        jvbutter – what issues are you having with your shifting? The new Shimano 11 speed stuff is great.

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      $4200 for a leftover 2014 Ibis Ripley. (for my daughter. I have a Ti hardtail)

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      400 bucks in 2012 for a year old at the time Norco Wolverine. Heaviest bike I’ve ever owned, and my favorite for bebopping around town without using the handlebars. Just this last April, it was stolen off of my front porch at seven o’clock at night, right in front of the huge kitchen bay window. Didn’t see anything cuz I was shampooing the damn carpet in my daughter’s room. Without much dough, I had to buy a bike fast so I could get to work on Monday. So, I dropped 150  on a bit of a rough specialized hard rock. Been upgrading that part by part since. Now, I’m looking for a giant or a newer specialized to buy.

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      For parts of bike,the most expensive is wheels I think,it cost $600+,but for bike,it cost me $3000+. And I am a student now,so it’s a little hard for me to spend too much money on bike.

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      $340 for a Gravity FSX 1.0 i know i earlier posted that i only bought department store bikes well that’s changed now

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      $5.6K, wasn’t worth it

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