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      Hi all! I’m shopping for my stubborn 80 year old father who does not want to wear any armor (other then a helmet)  because he finds it hard to get on and to uncomfortable once it’s on.

      I’ve tried convincing him, but it’s not going to happen. The best i can do is buy him the simplest, easiest to get on, and most comfortable armor and he MAY actually use it sometimes.

      That being said, it’s been very difficult to find this. I’m sure this question will help others as well.

      What are your recommendations for gear?


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      Armor? Are you taking him on  A-Line or flowy singletrack?

      Aside from a decent helmet and good gloves, I like the Alpinestars Paragon kneepads. Slip-on, and after a few minutes you forget they’re there. Don’t slip around either. For hips, I have a pair of Fox chamois liners with padding on the sides and tailbone. Forget what model they are, but I’m sure you can look them up (I’m too lazy to search right now). They’re really comfortable, too.

      Taking your dad for a rip on the trails is about the coolest thing ever. You earn cred just for posting this!

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