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      Clearly saddle comfort ratings vary from rider to rider, and we’ve asked people in the past which mountain bike saddle they think is the “best.” But I’m curious to know if there are certain mountain bike saddles that a lot of riders agree are comfortable, regardless of weight, cost, etc.

      I’m pretty sure this is the most plush bike saddle set-up I’ve ever seen. 🙂 Not only is there a gel cover on an over-sized saddle, but the saddle itself has couch-size springs on it!

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      I dont have an extensive experience with other saddles, probably just 6 or 7. But I lean more towards wtb rocket.

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      I have yet to find one…

      I think have seven different saddles ranging from $10 to $175.  The ten dollar bargain special is the most comfortable, although “comfortable” is a stretch.  The latest saddle is a WTB Volt Pro which is okay, but not comfy enough for 30-km plus rides.

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      A saddle on any performance bicycle is more a perch than a seat. More akin sitting on the edge of window sill than plopped on a couch. There are certainly a wide of shapes within that spectrum just as there as are a wide range of tuchus shapes that will utilize them. The more plush saddles tend to inhibit performance by restricting movement, ATMO and others. On my rig I run a Chromag Lynx. It has a moderate flare, longer length and is not overly padded.

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      I have found the Koobi PRS Enduro saddle to be very comfortable. It’s soft enough to be comfortable and firm enough to not sink into the saddle, also easy to move around on. This saddle also has changeable, different firmness elastomers that you can use depending on your weight that take up the harshness when seated. It’s been a great saddle for many thousands of miles. They also have a great return policy, 100% up to 30 days, 60% up to 60 days, and 30% up to 90 days. This saddle does take some time to break in so it’s not as comfy the first 10-20 hours on it. My wife even uses the same saddle just with different elastomers. She didn’t like any of the saddles we could find until I made her try mine. Didn’t mean for this to sound like an ad but I really like mine.



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      The WTB Silverado used to be my all-time favorite, but for whatever reason I don’t find it as comfortable as I had. I’ve been digging the WTB Pure though, at least on my trail bike. It’s way cushier than the Silverado so it doesn’t look as speedy. Which, if I’m being honest, I still prefer the look of a low-profile saddle such as the Silverado or Volt.

      Recently, I got an Ergon SMC4 in to try out and so far, so good. It’s a bit wider than the Silverado with a very flat top. It’s also has a squarer profile than the WTB, which I’m digging. It’ll be on my bike for the Huracan, so that will be the ultimate test!


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      I took a chance on an Outerdo MTB Gel seat and it has been an outstanding seat so far. I picked it out of a +500 positive reviews on other websites and I am very happy with it. See my review link below:


      Blue Outedo gel seat

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      I find myself pretty happy on anything from WTB.  I currently have a Rocket, Volt, Speed and a Silverado.  All are excellent.  The Rocket is probably the most comfortable and the Volt the least.  But the Volt is the top end carbon model and weighs next to nothing, so it’s worth the tradeoff sometimes, and it’s far more comfortable than any saddle that light has a right to be.

      Surprisingly, I’m actually running the superlight xc Volt on my enduro bike.  The bike is kind of heavy and I really appreciate the weight savings, and I don’t spend much time seated on that bike anyway 😉

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      I very happy with my Bontrager “Sport”.   Of course they’ve discontinued that model and worried that the 3 year old one on my bike will not last much longer.


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        I very happy with my Bontrager “Sport”.   Of course they’ve discontinued that model and worried that the 3 year old one on my bike will not last much longer.

        Everything is on eBay…Bontrager Sport saddle. Cheap too.

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      When riding any bike from road to mountain and eduro, i love my tioga seats. They are definitely something to wear with bike shorts, but they are very comfortable and have play for movement in the unique design of the seat. The models do change a litttle bit, but i have the spider outland and i use it for everything and love it.

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      I am happy with my Giant contact upright, but comfortable is a relative term.

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      I’m partial to the WTB volt and rocket saddles. I find that the flatter perch on the volt gets on with my sit bones a little better than the more rounded one on the rocket.

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      I ride a highly modded Trek Marlin 7. The only stock components are the frame, the bars and the seat. I can ride all day and the saddle remains comfortable. good luck, Mike

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      Not to derail the topic, but in case there are new riders (like I was just last summer) reading this thread, I would like to provide the following advice: Assuming your bike and cockpit are set up correctly, before you blame the saddle for soreness, make sure you get your body used to riding. It took me many rides over a period of a couple weeks to build up my body to where the soreness went away. The next thing is the rash, which can be helped significantly by using good well fitting chamois riding shorts. I then found the best thing for comfort was to measure my sit bones and get a saddle that fit. It turned out that the main cause of rash was a saddle that was too narrow. Once I installed the proper width saddle life is great. I don’t think you need to spend a lot of money to be happy, just make sure it fits. I have a WTB Rocket on my starter XC bike, and a WTB Pure V Comp on my Trail bike. No complaints.

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      I am a big fan of the more minimal performance style saddle.  I am currently riding the WTB Silverado and I love it.  It is an affordable, quality saddle that is hard to beat in my opinion.

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