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    Looking to get the Giro Feature MIPS… ordered a size too big! šŸ™‚ but I didn’t notice anything different about the helmet.. the box didn’t even say anything about MIPS… so what is exactly MIPS and did the helmet I get actually have MIPS? Would somebody please elighten me? Thanks!


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    MIPS is a system where there is an inner liner that allows the outer shell of the helmet to twist a small amount without transmitting the shock to your head. It is very effective in motorcycle, race car, and football helmets. It is questionable if it helps much with bike helmets as they do not fit as snug as other helmets and slip on the head some anyway.

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    Two things to look for:

    • A piece of plastic that can slide around on the inside of the helmet. It’s between your head and the hard part of the helmet and looks likeĀ it’s made out of the same material as a plastic placemat or like aĀ thin plastic cutting board. Like Alvin said, it’s an inner liner that can move around a little bit.
    • Round, squishy knobs that sorta rotate. These look different depending on the manufacturer, but here are a couple examples from Shred and Leatt helmets.

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    Also, here’s an overview of MIPS technology that we published back in 2014:

    A MIPS Primer: Protecting Your Thinking Parts

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    TheĀ photo of the cutaway from Jim’s article does a good job showing what the plastic MIPS liner looks like! It’s definitely easy to overlook because it’s seemingly so simple.

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    Sorry not seeing any of these things…! I’ll post some pictures of it in a while.

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    Here’s a photo of the Giro Feature MIPS, taken from John Fisch’s review of the helmet. The slick, black plastic liner you can see on the sides of the inside of the helmet isĀ the MIPS.

    Review: Featuring the Giro Feature MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet

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    I’m am all for better helmets and safety equipment, but this mips push hasn’t convinced me that it’s worth the money.Ā  Bike helmets, especially non=full faced slide all over even when properly fitted.Ā  When you crash your helmet moves a great deal, I know!Ā  I crash a lot!

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      Iā€™m am all for better helmets and safety equipment, but this mips push hasnā€™t convinced me that itā€™s worth the money.

      I was really surprised myself when I startedĀ comparing MIPS to non-MIPS versions of the same helmets. The difference in price is typically close to $100, which is a lot to pay for a seemingly simple piece of plastic.

      There doesn’t seem to beĀ a lot of good data on the effectiveness, but I guess many of us figure even if it might be more effective, it’s worth paying a little extra. But maybe not $100 extra. šŸ™‚

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    Cool…! Yep I’m seeing it now thanks!

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    My helmet doesn’t actually have that black liner!! Wondering why the amazon description says it is and the helmet actually doesn’t have it…


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