What happened to the simplicity of biking?

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      $12,ooo bikes, electric bikes, battery components, lift tickets, expensive repairs, where is all going? Still a old school biker  I am ,like when you were a kid and jumped on your bike , rode with your buddies  maybe to a trail or some street feature to just have fun. How about a good old handmade steel frame. Hopefully it’s just a cycle. I myself own a full squisher and certainly is nice but the old steely is just as much fun when its just about riding.

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      One could make this argument about everything.  When I was a kid, we all got by with a single phone for a whole house… attached to a wall.  Did we need a cell phone? Probably not, but once it becomes available people decide it is worth the dough…

      I like to keep my biking simple.   But I have no delusions that my view matters much.

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