What GPS unit do you use?


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      After a ride this weekend in which I got lost due to some tornado damage that shut down the singletrack, I’m now in the market for a GPS unit. I don’t want to spend a lot, so I’m just curious if anyone has any suggestions.

      Does anyone have the Garmin eTrex Venture HC? That seems to be a pretty good value.

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      Doesn’t really fit into the ‘don’t want to spend a lot’ bit of your question, but I use a Garmin GPSMap 60CSx.

      Love it. Beaten it to heck and back; it’s survived all the crashes, and a couple dunks in the river(s.)

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      I’ve got an eTrex Legend C and also an eTrex Legend HCX. I was happy with the C except that my motorcycle travels were much farther than the amount of maps it could hold. The HCX has a removable micro SD card, only reason I purchased a new one, and now have the whole US on it. I use these units on my motorcycle, in my jeep both on and offroad, general travel, and also on both my road and mtn bike. I’ve been recording all my rides so I can look at them next year and see where I was fitness wise and compare.

      I use the Garmin handle bar mount, works great and I’ll get a week worth of rides (if not more) out of a set of batteries. I would recommend buying one of their package deals where you get the topo maps, 12 v power cable and a handle bar mount. At least they had that deal when I bought my C, cheaper in the end not getting the accessories separate.


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