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      Anyone have a topic they’d like us to research and discuss on an upcoming episode of the Singletracks podcast? We have a lot of great ideas, but somehow we end up having more fun talking about topics we didn’t come up with ourselves. 🙂

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      What you should look for in a new bike. Like HT and then FS…?

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      Great idea! I know we’ve written (and maybe talked about) tips for buying your first mountain bike, but I’ve been wanting to do something about buying your second bike. How do you know it’s time to upgrade, what should you consider, etc.

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      On that note Jeff, maybe include what upgrades are worth it, and when you should put the cash in a pickle jar to save for a new bike.

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      I was also thinking: 27.5 vs 29 vs 27.5+ advantages disadvantages etc. Also maybe talk about boost hub spacing.. (have you already?) @phranquy that’s something I was thinking of also. Also what about buying a cheaper version of the bike you want and upgrading it…?

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      Also what about buying a cheaper version of the bike you want and upgrading it…?

      Ah yes, an age-old question. I love it!

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      What is enduro? I don’t get it. And how do I know when I’m riding cross country vs trails vs all mountain vs enduro or when I’m just riding my bike?

      I also like to hear about what people carry in their packs while they ride – as in first aid, tools, parts. Maybe there’s a suggestion for a small part to have on hand that could save someone a long walk back to the trailhead. I know zip ties and a spare derailleur hanger have saved my day before.

      How about growing rim widths? To what extent is this actually worthwhile vs just following the latest trend.

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      How about: Specialized Bicycles vs everybody. Lets hear some opinions on this famous company! Or opinions on the 2017 Specialized Enduro bike. I have never heard the word “Specialized” in a podcast. That needs to change!

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      Haha, fair enough Joel! Trek actually gets some love in an upcoming episode, but that’s probably not what you want to hear. 🙂

      We totally don’t get to test enough Specialized gear…

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      I like the sound of the “Second bike” topic as well as “Which upgrades are worth it?”

      upgrading my entry level discs to hydraulic was the best 150 I ever spent. ditto on a used air fork.

      Maybe a used parts buyers guide? relic parts that are awesome upgrades for entry level bikes?

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      I was also thinking what about foods. Like pre-ride meals. What’s energy bars, energy drink, chews, etc… are good to have during the ride. What is a good breakfast before a ride? Was also thinking The Big 3… Specialized, Trek, Giant…!!?

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        Yes! The Big three  order of awesomeness. Personal opinion: Specialized, Trek, Giant. Awesome idea man!

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        Or why don’t the BIG 3 (and most brands) make XXL models?

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        That is actually a really good point.

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        Or why don’t the BIG 3 (and most brands) make XXL models?

        Unfortunately, it’s for the same reason they don’t make XS bikes – there’s not enough demand to justify the tooling cost. Especially when it comes to carbon fiber.

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      I like the new look. Appears simpler, less cluttered and with more relevant info readily seen. I am especially glad to be rid of the large auto-scrolling article suggestions at the top. And very glad to be rid of the clickable “background” at the sides that frequently sent me to a Chevy truck ad when I bumped my touch-screen  wrong.

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      If you want to go down a different path, how about club topics.  How many people actually are members, vs. volunteer only vs. just ride, and why.  Or stories about the club goofball, every club has one.  Or unique things different clubs do around the country.

      Expanding the cult, what to look out for when dragging in the newbies in such a way they don’t run away… budget bikes, trail assessment (newb appropriateness).

      What is singletracks up to?  Is there any big plans that would be interesting to share?

      The one on tires was awesome, how about rims or wheels?

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      My wife and I have a topic.  In fact, she just submitted the topic to an academic conference.  The subject matter is focused on the paradox in an active lifestyle and usage of social media.  In our words, we are actively disengaged.  What we explain in her presentation is that active people engage in use of social media in order to enhance their experiences in nature rather than evade it.  In the research proposal we actually used Singletracks as the primary example of social media because it is what we use to enhance our biking experience.  We would love to discuss our idea with you!  And of course, we are huge fans of the app and used all up and down the east coast!

      -Garret and Kristen Leveto

      Reach us at [email protected]

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      Wheel building for newbs

      Are carbon wheels worth it? Are carbon bars or cranks worth it?

      How to keep in shape during winter?

      How to lose weight from biking?

      Trail building and maintenance tips..

      How to get more people to join bike clubs (imba)

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      What do you guys prefer (Jeff, Greg, Aaron) Hydration pack or water bottles? What the advantages disadvantages… Santa Cruz vs. Pivot Who is better RockShox or, Fox  Who has better brakes and groupsets… Shimano or Sram…

      If I was trying to decide which dropper post to put on my bike which should I pick KS Lev, Or Rockshox Reverb…

      This is an idea for an article if you guys ever get the chance to get your hands on a Gopro Hero 5 Black and Garmin Virb Ultra 30 it would be awesome to see how they stack up!!

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      Beer and chicks

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      Santa Cruz has an XXL version of the new Tallboy. They probably belong in the Big 4, if that’s a thing. 🙂

      It’s ironic tho, that smaller companies are the ones that do offer extreme sizes. Pivot sells XS bikes, I guess because even if it’s a small overall market, it can make a big difference in their sales.

      Recently, companies like Trek were spending all their tooling money making 29er and 27.5 versions of the same bike. If they just picked a wheel size, they could add so many more sizes!

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        Yeah, I was poised to get a Tallboy,  till your review 😉 .   I’m not too good at short, steep technical climbs and you seemed to think it was a weak point in the bike’s performance also.  Need to demo one.   The shop in Hood River allows you to put rental cost towards a purchase.

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      I actually like the fact that they give those options…!

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        I actually like the fact that they give those options…!

        Really? But at the end of the day, you have to choose one! 🙂

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      Another idea I had was Pros and Cons of Clip pedals, and Pros/ Cons of flat pedals!

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      I’ve been thinking about it and who else besides the Big Three has a full line of bikes, road, mountain, fat etc. I know Norco, and Kona do.. wonder why that is..

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      True that! But for somebody who is brand loyal, or really likes the spec sheet and geometry of a bike, or prefers a wheel size. They can get the brand they want with the build that they like with wheel size of their preference. And hey you might get more buyers that way! But I also think that if you have 29er with Boost then you also have a 27.5+… Kind of like 2 bikes in one {or not :)}

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      @bikerboy13 a lot of that has to do with company culture and resources. Some brands don’t have the desire or the manpower to produce other types of bicycles. Take Transition Bikes, for instance. It’s a company owned and run by mountain bikers. They don’t care about building road bikes and hybrids because that’s not what they ride.

      Also, logistically, you need to have the infrastructure to sell those bikes, whether that’s consumer direct or via a dealer network.

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      Yea I was thinking that it would have to do with some of those things. Makes sense you’re a mountain biker you build mountain bikes.

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      Is it worth building your own wheelset or is it better to buy a kit?

      Why building up your own bike is awesome

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      It would be awesome to hear from John and Chris and some other people from the team!!

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      Trail etiquette

      What a newbie should have/ and know for getting started MTBing

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      I would like to hear some Editor Picks for Best Cameras to take along on a ride. I would also like to hear photo tips and tricks. When I watch the video’s from GMBN I am always impressed with the way they do their videos.  I especially like when Neil literally critiques himself as he rides by his other self. I don’t do a lot of video but I am going to try and figure that one out. I currently use my smart phone which is good but when I do big rides I take along a Sony Alpha 65 with a zoom lens. It is heavy but when you are surrounded by epic views like Capt Ahab, Porcupine Rim….who cares about an extra couple of pounds. Editor Picks for cameras for every budget and tips from some of the pros you guys ride with. Neil and Scott do a great job.

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      Great idea Jim!

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