What do you think about diamondbacks??????


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      i hav an 08′ diamondback response and i want to know if its a good bike to start on :?:

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      While the Response’s frame is a little heavy for a hardtail (not by much though), the Response Comp comes fitted with components that are only found on comparable hardtails from Trek & Specialized for $200-$300 more.

      But even if you started with a lower-end Response, they’re still excellent frames to upgrade. You won’t break it without difficulty! 😎

      I bought one myself to mess around with & upgrade to test the limits of the bike.

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      I have a friend who has the exact same bike as you do. He let me ride it some and felt real sturdy and rigid. The only thing for is that my friend is a really big guy and he had a really big frame size which menat that it was not very comfortable for myself. I would have to agree with Bombardier about how heavy the thing is (felt like the tank of hardtails) and like a tank, it sure is strong.

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      I started riding a cromolly Response tricked out with Rox Shock Quad 5 shocks back in 1994 for my 1st mtb!!!!! Kept it for 11 years uprgrading and even raced it for 3 of those years. Then sold it to my friend who is still using it. Man did I think i was cool when i upgraded it to V brakes and Rox Shock Judy SL 😎 !!!

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      I have the Response Sport. The only original part of the bike is the frame but I swear by it for hardtails.

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      If it’s half the bike my Ridgerunner was, ya got a good’un there!

      I rode the hell out of that Ridgerunner for well over 20 years and just kept changing rubber as the tires wore out. I finally retired it in early Spring as <b><i>I</i></b> was wearing out and needed something a little lighter.

      This is especially true since you mention this is a starter for you. The rider is more important than the ride unless you are one of the elite competing at the rarified level of world class competition. In beginning, I think it’s more important to say within you budget and get a comfortable reliable ride.

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      My boy is on the Response. Great bike for the price. I like Diamondbacks. I have a hardtail dirt jumper made by them. I’d really like to ride that bike they call "the Scapegoat".

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