What do you do when you are just not ripping it?

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      We all have days on the trail when we are not in rhythm and are barely able to get the bike where you want it to go. What do you do when this happens to you?

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      Nothing. Get over it. Ride again another day and remember that a bad day riding still tops most endeavors.

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      Stop, look around, see the forest.

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      Like TexMex, I just stop, take a breather, enjoy the creation around me and be thankful I’m on my bike again. So much of mtb can be found just in where we get to be each and every ride.  I’m not a KOM guy, so it’s easy to take in the other aspects of what makes mtb awesome.

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      I stick with it and ultimately remind myself that we all have bad days every now and then. My thought pattern tends to go something like this:

      1. Blame the conditions: These stupid roots are so wet today, I can’t get any traction!
      2. Blame the bike: These tires are terrible.
      3. Blame myself: I should ride more so I don’t have bad days like this.
      4. Snap out of it: It’s just not my day; there will be another one.
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      Everybody has these days. I try to use them as a mental health day – just ease off the pedals and take a casual pace (or sometimes even shutting down altogether), and remind yourself you’re outside where you’re supposed to be.  Almost without fail the next ride will be back to form. Days like this are actually valuable.

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      I hate those days. They’re almost always when I’m trying to huck something and it’s not clicking. I generally give up as to not kill myself. Any day casually pedaling through nature is a good time though.

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      Just keep spinning. Just keep spinning. Just keep spinning.

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      There is a saying among whitewater kayakers: “I’d rather be upside down in my boat than right side up at my desk.” Same sentiment, just tweak it for being on your bike!

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      Just reset your ride expectations.  It typically means going at a slower pace and saving the rowdy stuff for another day (like tomorrow 😉

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      When I can’t stay on-line on technical black trails or I can’t focus then I switch to a blue or green trail and hammer the climbs.  You feel productive getting a good workout in even if you’re not riding with style.


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      Great question, Oldandrolling!

      This typically happens when I can’t stay on someone’s wheel (ie. keep up). My ego takes control of my thoughts and makes a mess of them, leaving me unable to focus/ride. I continue riding and try to turn my focus toward something else, leaving the frustration to fizzle. Whenever possible, I turn it into a skills ride, popping off rocks and working in cornering speed.

      Similar to the kayaker’s slogan SKleen shared above, a shit day on the bike is better than any day on the couch.

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